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    B.a.r.f., a motorcycle club/forum i was active on had a list/registry of back up equipment, tools, and other helpful things that they could lend out to members in need. Great for when somebody crashed and needed to borrow a ramp or if someone needed to borrow a stand to do maintenance.

    personally im a little bit of a hoarder and have extra stuff laying around that i wouldnt mind letting people borrow short term for energencies.

    i have a 20 gallon with stand and small hob filter, tunze 6025 powerhead, 100 watt stealth heater and some other misc stuff.

    if course the idea is meant for short term emergency only ie. Someones tank springs a leak... Not sure how we could monitor it though.

  2. sfsuphysics

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    I think BAR is so spread out though that in the case of an emergency it might be difficult to get said equipment.. say if I needed something this Friday and the person who has it is in Oakland, Bay Bridge closure and all that no way I'm going for that. Where as a general cry for help might get offers from people in SF first, then elsewhere.
  3. denzil

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    I used to visit BARF frequently. The idea's great but there's definitely way more BARFers than there are BARers. I don't think we're large enough to support the same system but maybe in time we can!
  4. TJ, this is an interesting idea. I can't seem to find this registry on the BARF site - is it available only to registered users? If not, could you please provide a link?

    Given that BAR is a smaller community, a general post for emergency aid may not get many views immediately. We could have a Google form submission for items that a member is willing to lend that generates a spreadsheet with lendable items. Shooting a PM to a person typically nets a quicker reply than hoping someone able to help sees the thread. Just about all the members are incredibly supportive, and there could be room for improvement in facilitating the matching of an aid recipient's needs with a donor.
  5. TopNotchCorals

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    What if sponsors lend a hand on lending out equipment, we're willing to! With the spread out locations of us and the others it could work. I can't speak for the others but we' would like to be part of something like that.
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  6. monkeybiz

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    This is the thread setup to help those stranded or crashed on the side of the road and are in need of help. and people who helped got a nice title under their screen name acknowledging that they went out of their way to help another member.

    i have to dig deeper for the parts one, which may or may not be in effect anymore
  7. aqua-nut

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    I think this is a good idea. Kind of has the DBTC sprit to it.

    Don't know how I could contribute being 'way up north' in Santa Rosa, but I do have a 'collection' of pack rat items! :)
  8. dswong01

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    Mike why are worrying about bridge closure. I have all access and can get stuff over the bridge in case of emergency. Actually there will access on new westbound bridge for construction crews.
  9. Thanks for the link! That was the only one I saw when I was perusing their forum and looking for the equipment lending thread.

    The way BARF implements their emergency contact system relies on a central coordinator who is on call 24/7. I am not convinced that that is necessary nor workable for our purposes, though we would need a person to take the lead on implementing this for BAR. I think an item submission form and summary, similar to the way the Gear Swap is set up for BAP, could potentially be viable, and there are probably other ways to make it happen. Are you interested in heading up this effort?
  10. monkeybiz

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    i wouldn't mind helping out. maybe it'd be best to start with some guidelines or set of expectations that the rest of the forum would feel comfortable with before we proceeded. i can try to whip up some general guidelines that can be edited and changed by community other community members.
  11. Agreed, that is a good place to start. Thanks for leading up this effort! :)
  12. monkeybiz

    monkeybiz Guest

    This is a quick write up I came up with. Included is a small summary of what the program is and general guidelines. Please feel free to add, edit, or add your opinion on the program in general.

    "Bay Area Reefers is a club for reef aquarists in the San Francisco Bay area. The primary purpose of BAR is to promote, foster, and encourage education and appreciation for the ethical husbandry and propagation of marine life."

    The Emergency Equipment Program is another way for the BAR community to promote, foster and encourage successfull and ethical husbandry. It is not a program to aquire free equipment.
    Supporting BAR members will have access to a list/database of extra equipment that can be loaned out for SHORT term use while waiting for original equipment to be repaired or replaced. This equipment will be supplied by generous club members under the following requirements:

    1. Equipment is for short term use and will be returned within a reasonable amount of time.

    2. All equipment will be returned in the same original condition or replaced with something that is similar of type, brand, and condition.

    3. Only supporting members with active build threads may participate. This will alow members who have lent out equipment stay up to date with the status of tank/equipment repair.

    4. Just like DBTC, individual members may place additional restrictions as they see fit. (ie will only lend equipment to members who are also listed in the database as a lender)
  13. That is a good framework - I like that it sets expectations yet allows for flexibility in how loans are conducted between the parties. Nice work!
  14. rygh

    rygh Supporting Member

    Beyond emergency equipment, a list of emergency SPACE might be good as well.
    For example, I have a rather unpopulated 80G refugium right now, in case someone has a tank crash.
    Others have large QT setups that are often empty.
  15. This is an old thread, but we had something similar in the reef club I belonged to in Dayton, Ohio. I realize Dayton is FAR smaller and therefore, so is the reef clubs in it, but we had a coral saw, club library (member's books that got loaned out), par meter, and other items available for members to borrow for specified amounts of time. It was really nice. Just thought I'd chime in.
  16. HiFidelity

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    I have a ton of stuff, extra skimmers, spare sump, a box full of heaters... the list goes on, I'm kind of crazy and in hopes of being prepared for any emergency I have managed to accumulate 2 of almost every component in my tank, I mean I have actually had 3 empty tanks sitting in my house for the past 3 months hahaha...

    If we pick up on this idea again I would love to contribute my time as a director of some sort, I visit the forum daily and I'm plugged into my email practically 24/7, I would imagine that something like the following could work;

    -One person manages the list of items, locations and a contact list for all contributors. This way the locations are not posted publicly, also when there is one main contact point between the person looking for parts and the people who have them would make things go very smoothly.
    -One emergency phone number or 2, the person above could be the contact & one back up person who could have a copy of items on hand and contacts in case person A is out of town or something.
    -The list can be broken up geographically, ie; "SF & Peninsula" list, "East Bay" list, "South Bay" list and so on.

    I don't think that would be very difficult, the one person I'm proposing to manage this would literally only have to send/receive emails and behave as a call router/director so when an emergency does occur there is one person to call without having to ask or post anything, that person would be the middle man and they can confirm available items then make the connection with the borrower and the lender then track that item and the duration it's being borrowed for. I use google maps to organize my financial life and live by it religiously or I won't be paying any of my bills on time, I can imagine that being an easy tool to implement for tracking items on a timeline.

    just throwing in my $0.02 for consideration :)

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