Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 2-20-16

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    ; "> Board of Directors Meeting, Saturday, February 20, 2016
    The meeting convened at 3PM.
    The slate of officers for 2016 are: President-Mike Brown- @Coral reefer
    Vice President-Michael Huynh-@Enderturtle
    Secretary/Social Specialist-Dave Corkrum-@2manyhobbies
    Treasurer-Mike Ray-@mray2660
    Sponsorship/Public Relation Chair-Geneva Wong-@Geneva
    Facilities/Event Coordinator Chair-Steve Patchin-@patchin
    Webmasters: Denzil Villarico-@denzil
    Alfred Young-@neuro
    Philip D’Agostino-@Bluprntguy
    Tyler Gunn-@tygunn
    Officer at Large-Tyler Gunn-@tygunn
    Photography/Social Media Chair-Navdeep-@Nav
    There were no motions from the floor. The motion was second by Mike Brown. The motion was passed and the slate accepted

    There was discussion with Chair Geneva Wong on her responsibilities. It was stated that her committee consisted of 4 BAR members and they were responsible for picking up donations for the raffles.

    Advertising was discussed and it was determined that Chair Wong would consult with the local LFS’s to see what kind of advertising would be acceptable in their stores. Vice President Huynh stated that he could generate banners for display at these stores.

    The Calendar of Events was reviewed. For June, it was decided to hold a Fragging/New Hobbyist workshop. Details would be published in the Forums.

    There was considerable discussion about Raffles/Door Prizes and whether to charge for the tickets or not. We would have to make it simple as well encouraging members to purchase them by using discounts for the number of tickets purchased. The prizes would also have to be something that members would want to take a chance on. The budget for items purchased for the raffle would be limited to $300 or less. The cost per ticket would be decided later.

    The last item for discussion was the Member Swap to be held in March. Facilities Chair Steve Patchin will make the arrangements. Lunch will be provided to the members and a suggested donation amount would be posted at the event. With no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:25PM.

    Respectfully Submitted,
    David Corkrum, Secretary
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    Nice minutes, thanks!
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    Excellent minutes! I think we should do this always! :D

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