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    Sponsor Type:
    Local Fish Store

    Website: http://www.diablocorals.com/

    Address: 2395 Monument Blvd, Concord, CA 94520

    Exact Building Location:
    DCMap.jpg Click to Enlarge!

    Forum Contact: @eldiablosrt8

    Phone Number: (925) 566-8508

    Hours of Operation:
    • Monday to Tuesday: 12:00pm - 6:00 pm
    • Wednesday: CLOSED
    • Thursday to Friday: 12:00pm - 6:00 pm
    • Saturday & Sunday: 11:00am - 5:00 pm
    • Livestock and Equipment Sales
    • Offers Premixed Saltwater. RO/DI Water.
    • Aquarium Maintenance/Set Up Services
    "Our Goal at Diablo Corals is to provide our customers with the best quality and healthiest corals and fish we can. We achieve this through our one of a kind aquaculture system as well as using local farmers and top quality wholesalers. We also have an amazing selection of captive bred and tank raised clownfish as well as offering quality and healthy fish. We are intrigued in what husbandry can do for our hobby, that’s why we try to provide it to you."

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    Welcome :party:
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    Diable Coral??.... never heard of 'em, I wonder what they sell? :) jk
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    Now Sergio can spend more time shopping, and less taking pictures ;)
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    Sergio is a team player he buys, he works, and he trades.... wait thats me. sergio we need to talk about what dave just posted...... :bigsmile:


    I waould like to introduce the store a little bit here. We are located in Concord,Ca. our info has been added her to the directory and is on Bondolos map as well. We have a 1500 square foot shop with that is coming together quite nice. This is a family venture with me running the show, my wife doing the behind the scenes work and my pops(paul) filling in and helping when i need it. We have over 750 gallons of frag tanks at this point. we stock corals weekly and we carry
    -trade ins
    -wild caught
    - ORA
    -acropora (frags and colonies)
    - acans (rainbows-grade bs)
    -Zoas (colonies to high end single polyps)
    - Favias (frags and colonies
    -lobos( frags and colonies)

    we carry some fish
    -wild caught bali,aussie,sri lanka,and more
    -captive bred clowns (ORA,SA, and Local breeder)

    and much much more. At this point we carry
    test kits(red sea pro)
    salinity salt
    red sea pro salt
    seachem reef salt
    full line of Reef Nutrition
    full line of H20 foods (frozen and flakes)
    Rods food
    Salt Water
    RO Water

    if you need equipment we offer great prices on equipment and we can order pretty much anything you need. I am glad im finally here to post as a sponsor and i hope to see you all at the shop very soon.....
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    Dammit still haven't had time to drop all the way down their Jess, promise to do so when I'm in your neighborhood.
  8. Thanks for sponsoring BAR, Jess!

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