FS 29 Gallon Oceanic Bio BNIB

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  1. Borchers

    Borchers Guest

    So up for sale is a side project I had. I am now going to sell it to fund my new system.
    60 gallon cube.

    Up for sale is a brand new unused 29 Gallon BioCube HQI....last of the true Biocubes

    Like I said brand new HQI set up, new built in fuge area, skimmer,150 mH lighting fan cooled,glass cover. Beautiful. I don't have a stand sorry.



    Also up for sale is a

    Coralife DC 5800 Wave making kit. Brand new unopened,never wet sealed packages inside.



    Can all be picked up or delivered to Fairfeild.
  2. Borchers

    Borchers Guest

    Bumping this up.

    New lower price on both.

    29 Biocube $300.00 picked up or meet half way.

    Trade for
    Calcium Reactor complete setup
    Dosing pump setup 3 pump or more

    DC Wave maker kit. $150.00
  3. ibaj

    ibaj Guest

    I like the idea of the wave maker, I'm just not sure if would work well in my tank.
  4. Borchers

    Borchers Guest

    Is your tank the 65 in your Signature? If so these are way to much flow. They can do almost 3,000 GPH each.

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