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    Stray Voltage?

    Did this. On 200 Ohms it oscillates from around -180 to around +10 when on and then registers about 10 when I remember to put the temp sensor in warm water to get it to shut the circuit off.
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    Stray Voltage?

    I don't think the inkbird is stuck on, my tank would be too hot if that were the case and it's been 78 degrees. I just plugged in the BRS heater to the GHL and it's been on for a while. Passes the tingle test, so I think I've found the culprit. Still need to confirm with the multi-meter.
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    Stray Voltage?

    The heater casing is supposed to also double as a grounding probe, so I assume the ground plug on the heater is connected to the outside casing. I'm just guessing that there is some sort of connection inside the inkbird controller that shouldn't be there to the ground - perhaps on the DC portion...
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    Stray Voltage?

    That's a bummer. I knew that the controller from BRS was just a rebranded inkbird. I figured it would fail eventually, but I didn't expect it to leak voltage. I understood that the BRS heating element itself is made by Schego (in germany I think). They seem to have pretty stellar reviews. At...
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    Stray Voltage?

    Well, welcome to the continuing saga of "how many shitty heaters can I buy"! Apparently my brand new heater somehow manages to leak voltage into the water even when it's turned off. I'm guessing something in the controller from BRS, but it's difficult to unplug and troubleshoot, so I dropped in...
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    Stray Voltage?

    Good point. I did just disassemble my skimmer and put everything else back together again. I also finally took my powerhead down and cleaned it last week or the week before (all the weeks are running together these days). I didn't see any issues with either of those. I'll take out the return...
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    Stray Voltage?

    I've been noticing a slight tingle on cuts/hangnails on the rare occasions that I stick my hands in the display tank. I've tested sticking my hand in the quarantine tank and don't feel the same thing, so I was assuming it's some stray voltage. At this point, everything in my tank is on DC except...
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    How often to feed Mandarin goby?

    Feeding twice a day seems to be working for mine.
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    I have a yellow clown goby that my clownfish evicted from the tank. He is free to a good home. I’ve moved him to a small quarantine tank and it might be best for him to stay there for a few days. He did get a little beat up before I was able to get him out. I’m in lower haight in SF.
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    PAR meter #1 vs #2 measurements

    I can't imagine who falls into the "if you run blue but can adjust whiter for measurement at the same intensity" category. There are a few reasons why you can't just turn your LED lights to white and get similar results: The number of whites vs. blues aren't usually equal in most fixtures...
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    I think a bag of cuprisorb is your best friend in this situation and probably well worth the $9.
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    What micron size carbon block and filter do you use for RODI?

    Unless I'm an idiot, 1 micron is much smaller than your 10 micron filter. Seems like your issue is that too much stuff is getting through your sediment filter. I rarely see anything at all in my carbon filter (although granted I'm using about 10% of the water that you "big tank guys" are) These...
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    Check out this new site--Buy Wholesale

    ... and now all three sites are apparently closed. If you signed up for a membership at the “wholesale” site, you need to cancel it yourself otherwise it recurs automatically.
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    Check out this new site--Buy Wholesale

    From the same guy that brought you Dave Jones Locker, which changed to aqua locker like a month later. He also owns fishybusiness, that might have come first. The stock is apparently the same on all his sites, just a different way to sell it to you. And for the equipment/tanks MAP still...
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    Anyone breeding Berghia?

    I think each Berghia will eat like an aiptasia per day. The biggest stumbling block to breeding them ironically seems to be figuring out a way to culture enough aiptasia to feed them continuously.