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    Aussie Gold Torches

    My (limited) experience is that they can do great for months then some relatively minor insult happens and they die. Don’t seem very resilient to me. This is the case with a lot of the coral that is expensive in our hobby, because coral that grows well and is resilient doesn’t stay expensive...
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    Fish trap...

    The club has one: Also if you put what city you live in in your member profile it helps people to see at a glance if you are close enough to volunteer something.
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    Eunice (bobbit) worms

    How sure are you of the type of worm? Eunice worms are horrifying, get huge, and eat fish. There are lots of other types of worms that are a lot less scary. I couldn’t tell from your video. Here’s a crazy scary video about them: Not helpful to you maybe but I came across this remarkable video...
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    Egg crate holders

    I cut 1-hole squares out of the egg crate and superglue 1 or 2 of these on the underside of the holes in the 4 corners depending on the height I want. You could do more if you want it higher. Works well, easy, looks good.
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    Alk drop after water change

    I use Triton so mostly it is balanced. I do find I need to add more alkalinity sometimes, I think because the Reef Crystals I use is stupidly unbalanced with high Mg and high Ca (and the high Alk doesn’t last nearly as long as the other 2- unbalanced). I used to use regular Arm & Hammer baking...
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    East Bay Annual Water Quality Report

    Thanks for the link. Anything catch you eye for importance in our systems?
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    Spilled Hanna alk reagent

    I’ve spilled a little of it before, just cleaned it up with water and was fine.
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    Borrowing Club PAR meter #2

    That’s great. This kind of quick turn-around could speed through the waiting list for everyone’s benefit!
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    Berghia Nudis

    I’d be interested in the aiptasia rocks for my aiptasia grow-out tank. I would have to chip off as many as I could to use since I’m trying to keep my aiptasia tank relatively free of pods. And I don’t have any need for the rock beyond that so I’d be giving it away after. I’m actually even more...
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    New WiFi Heater Controller

    I’ve been happy with my 2 standard InkBird controllers I use as backup failsafes. No experience with this controller, their app, or in general this line of their controllers.
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    Borrowing Club PAR meter #2

    FWIW I live in Walnut Creek and work in Brentwood on a semi-regular basis, so I’d be happy to facilitate as needed.
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    Borrowing Club PAR meter #2

    We already have a simple optimization rule- You put your name on the list, if the drive is too far or you are too busy when your name comes up you let the next person get it (and leave your name on the list, in the next spot), etc, until it works out. You don’t just take your name off, unless...
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    Do zoas multiply by fission?

    I’ve never seen that before either. Please keep us updated on its progress!
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    PSA- Triton sale

    Threre’s a 10% off sale on everything Triton at BRS right now. For those of us using the Triton Method, it’s a good time to stock up on Core7, ICP test kits, or supplements. Sales on Triton aren’t very common and they usually sell out.
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    P/N question...

    Like what? Raise the N and P and potentially promote algae? He’s trying to raise N and P. Potentially promoting algae is the worry regardless of how N, P, and organics are raised. There isn’t anything special about fish poo that makes it better than fish food eaten by something other than...