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    Slowly getting closer to that new build

    Initially I couldn’t see the pics (when logged in). Then later I could (still logged in, after he said he re-uploaded them). Then I saw your comment so I logged out and reloaded the page and still could see them. I don’t think BOD’s admin privileges allow us to see regular posted images on the...
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    Special Thanks to all who helped at CFM Sept 2019

    Thanks Arnold! And thank you for acknowledging those who helped you make this successful. Rostato also covered a shift at the booth.
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    This is wrong. It is multifactorial. It’s not 1 theory take all. Common sunscreens have been shown to harm corals. Also global warming appears to harm them. Related but separately temporary spike in temperature causes bleaching. Also runoff from human activity on land kills. Or having excess...
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    Volunteers Needed for the 2019 Regional Frag Swap

    I’ll help with setup and general help during the entire swap (payment issues, raffle issues, stuff always comes up).
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    CFM Raffle Items Hard Goods

    Very sorry to hear it
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    CFM Raffle Items Hard Goods

    Also between @rygh and myself we have the various BAR stock items for setup in the morning.
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    CFM Raffle Items Hard Goods

    I have and am bringing in the morning the rock from BRS (2 boxes) and the Reef Nutrition products. RN also gave us a box of bags people can use and some product pamphlets to give out, which we should have some table space for. I’m told Vincent will bring the ApexEL.
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    Can't log on to Bay Area Reefers on my Tapatalk

    We just launched the new site, signing in to Tapatalk is a known issue, please be patient. The website is working correctly by accessing directly at
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    Website upgrade 2019

    I see the too-light font in the pull down menu too. It’s not an adjustment issue, it’s a font choice.
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    Website upgrade 2019

    Looking forward to the upgrade tonight!
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    2019 Sep Corals Farmers Market - Booth Volunteers needed still

    FYI, those of you worried about signing up for a spot and being on your own not sure what to do, you won’t be. Several of us will be around and helping out as needed, and usually some additional members will hang out to socialize and help out as well. We just need some people on record for the...
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    Featured [Oct 19, 2019] Regional Frag Swap (San Francisco)

    If you can bring 3 different eligible frags of your hardy corals you will meet the entry requirements. So if you have some coral growing to frag you should be ok. If this works for you, it would be the best option, as far as the spirit of the event goes. We don’t have a buy-in option, and also...
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    Featured [Oct 19, 2019] Regional Frag Swap (San Francisco)

    One thing that is new this year for the frag swaps we’d like everyone aware of- In order to participate in the next members-only frag swap, a member needs to have been a supporting member (paying member) since at least the preceding regional swap (which is about 6 months prior). So for those...
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    Mindstream monitor seems to be available

    It depends more on how well it works than on how much it costs in my opinion. If it does everything it says it will, with good accuracy and almost no maintenance, it’s a great deal. If the accuracy isn’t reliable or if it requires frequent troubleshooting, then it’s not.
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    New to me Reefer 250

    Glad you figured it out quickly, and it sounds like you have a relatively easy fix