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    Featured Kessil Tour- Nov 9

    Lol If anyone needs me to raise the cutoff by a year or two to get a break let me know :)
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    Featured Kessil Tour- Nov 9

    I just updated the first post with the additional details of the upcoming tour. I’m excited!
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    Bristle worm trap

    Thanks. I’m well aware there are different types of bristle worms, and that they have benefits as part of the clean up crew when present in reasonable numbers (as I said above). I’m aware of that website you referenced as well as a lot of other more detailed info about them. Also as I said, it...
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    Looking for live rock

    That link you are looking for to become a supporting member and not have threads like this removed is up at the top :) (Can’t do it through Tapatalk though, need to be on the website
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    Newbie from the bay

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    Looking for live rock

    Usually buy/sell/trade is restricted to Supporting members, we have a forum for it and everything....
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    Website upgrade 2019

    I’m using Safari on my iPad. Other sites’ icons show correctly. Our site is showing an icon too, its just that it’s the default XenForo one not our icon. It’s not a huge deal but I was hoping it was just an easy fix.
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    Website upgrade 2019

    Currently the thumbnail for our site is the generic XenForo one. Can we put our fish logo in there instead? It’s one line of code in the header.
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    [Oct 19, 2019] Regional Frag Swap (San Francisco)

    Also a reminder to our guest members that if you’d like to participate in the next swap, the Supporting members’ swap, you are supposed to upgrade to Supporting member by today. Since we didn’t announce this at the swap today we’ll have a short grace period, but if you’re going to sign up you...
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    [Oct 19, 2019] Regional Frag Swap (San Francisco)

    Reminder everyone to dip your new coral. We included in the party favor container some Bayer dip (the opaque white liquid) with a link to a dipping recipe. Big thanks to @sfsuphysics and @glee for putting the gifts together. Trying to promote good husbandry and limit the spread of F-STD’s...
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    [Oct 19, 2019] Regional Frag Swap (San Francisco)

    Fun time, fun venue (Thanks Tim!), fun people.
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    Volunteers Needed for the 2019 Regional Frag Swap

    I had a great time, always fun to connect with friends and make some new ones
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    Borrowing the Club's - Suction cups x8

    Hard to tell who has the suction cups from the thread. If someone who has them is coming to the frag swap tomorrow, please bring a set to help with moving @Tim Obert ’s tank
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    Help moving tank

    I‘m happy to help if you still need people
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    The_Lazy_Reefers 75 gallon mixed reef

    Thanks, I visited Home Depot and plumbed this up today and it’s working like a charm: - T with 3/4" female threads - 3/4" barbed to 3/4” male threads x2 for input and one of the outputs of the T (from the pump and to the UV sterilizer) - 3/4” threads to 3/8” threads reducer - 3/8” threads to...