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    DBTC: Walt Disney

    i have already PM almost all the mods about my past experience and some issues I have with this DTBC, I have decided to stop contributing now and future.. Other members who have recieved a frag from me, I hope you will continue this dtbc in my honor. no offense to anyone... but my time here is...
  2. J

    1 of 3 radions act weird on lunar phase

    there was an update recently for the g5 on mobius. one of my lights used to be stuck on the lunar, but stopped after i updated them. hope that helps with your issue.
  3. J

    wtf is this growing on the coral

    vermitid snail. get rid of it
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    Featured June 26, 2021 - Member's Frag Swap

    was able to take that day off so far... can and will bring some ultra sps. like rr lady in pink, bigr wd, and/or rmf acid trip. who else bringing ultra sps so i can pre-pick? will bring any sps thats growing in my tank for individuals also that haven't picked up yet.
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    i live by the marina and a kaiser hospital. i rarely have any types of outages. i have a few large ups and a battery pump in case i need to bring it out of storage.
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    How hot did your tanks get today?

    currently tank is sitting at 80.6 whereas it was about 78.8 yesterday.
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    Suggestions for calcium reactor

    in the beginning it was easy to set up and used. once I started to increase my dosage, I needed to start venting the system. that's when it got complicated and taking advise from the supplier made me have alk spikes. since I had the new LCD controller, not much advise was giving since it...
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    Suggestions for calcium reactor

    i wanted to go with a geo 612, carbon doser, kamoer fx-stp, but went with a dastaco c2. i would of went with my first choice if i were to think it over.
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    portable AC for the kids in living room and in my bedroom. have a cheap clip on fan over tank, it's only 78* I do plan on installing a hvac ac unit to my house this year though.
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    G3 XR30 stuck schedule

    I've had similar experiences with my xr15 gen3. I found out that moving the reeflink in an open area and hard wire it to the router makes it better. I still have the problem of them unsyncing but not as much. I simple reschedule on the ecotech smartlive app will resync them. it's annoying, I...
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    Happy bday to me: received my clearview tank top after two months pf

    looks good. wish i can still use mine.
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    TSA visit

    top shelf aquatics
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    Plan to increase PAR on the SPS tank …

    same. go slow and slowly raise it. if u want to be like me, I run 100% intensity and blast that sps once it gets dropped in the tank
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    Frag Swap Bonus & Ultra Coral List

    im sure we can add the pink cadillac to the bonus category. i would need a second opinion with the purple rain.
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    Bonus/Ultra SPS List - 2021 update

    if i recall, the TCK version is super bright yellow throughout the piece compared to ASD which is yellow near the tips.
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    Bonus/Ultra SPS List - 2021 update

    no i dont, i decided to leave that alone since it was on the original list in 2019. i am unsure why that comment was there to begin with.
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    Tanks Alk consumption has increased 30% over the last 15 days

    depends on how fast the media drops in the canister. people usually refills it and not replace the whole media.
  18. J

    Tanks Alk consumption has increased 30% over the last 15 days

    sounds about right... did you price out a geo 612, kamoer fx-stp, and carbon doser?
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    Hello from Livermore.

    hello and welcome to the forum.
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    Best real-time reef cam streaming option ?

    my property is on a 1/3 acre of land. i use arlo security cameras and ring as my doorbell.