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  1. rye22

    New Fish!! ORA Radial File Fish

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  2. rye22

    WTB Radiums 20k 250 watt

    Where is a good place to buy Radium 250 watt 20k bulbs?
  3. rye22

    Mighty Magnets Vs Algae free magnets?

    Mighty Magnets Vs Algae free magnets? Which one is better? and where is a good place to pick one of these up?
  4. rye22

    Chemi Pure Elite?

    what are your guys thoughts or experiences with Chemi pure or Chemi pure elite? :)
  5. rye22

    Acrylic Scratch remover. Need advice

    Im looking to fix some scratches in my tank while its still up and running does anyone have any good cheap products that have worked for you? i was told this one works http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=3883 please let me now
  6. rye22

    Purple Deaths? 30+

    Is $120 for 40 purple deaths a good deal?
  7. rye22

    Maroon clown fish with ick? help please

    Hey what techniques have worked for you guys on curing ick, i removed the clown from the tank and put him in his own tank for now. he is just sitting at the bottom breathing really fast please let me know asap what i should do
  8. rye22

    is this a good deal?

    Im looking to buy this auto top off system heres the link ...
  9. rye22

    Building MH Canopy. Need Some advice

    Hey guys i am building a MH canopy with two 250 watt 14k bulbs i was wondering what kind of cooling fan should i get to keep the canopy cool? What brand? how big? how many?where to buy? my tank is the standard 75 gallon tank Thanks guys
  10. rye22

    Need your guys help..

    i need to buy some strontium, magnesium to add to my tank what is a good brand that people use?