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    Fishless frag tank for post frag swap

    Hi Bar I’m wondering if anyone has a fish-less frag tank (or really any tank without fish that can grow coral) that I can rent space in for after the frag swap. I’d like to participate in the swap but I don’t want to risk introducing a fish disease into my nano tank after the agony of...
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    A good little tank

    Hi BAR. I finally got around to starting a tank journal for the Nuvo 10 I got used in August 2018 from Craigslist. Here's a photo of it from when I first got it: The tank is running a kessil a80 at around 75%, chemipure blue nano, filter floss and has an ATO. I do a 2-3 gallon water change...
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    Borrowing someone’s quarantine set up in SF

    Hi BAR I am wondering if anyone living in SF would be able to lend me a 10 gallon qt set up (tank, cover,filter - I have a heater). I live in SF (mission). Happy to repay the favor in some way (buying some grabs from you or something else). The reason I ask is that I have a possum wrasse that...
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    got a tank, became a full member, any LFS suggestions by SF?

    Hi everyone! After being away for the summer I found a great deal on a 10 gallon nuvo with basically everything you could want on craigslist the weekend I returned and so now I have a tank again after almost 20 years (since high school!). The set up came up rock, sand, 6 corals, a cleaner shrimp...
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    Where to find live rock

    Hi BARs! As I continue to plan out my tank I’m wondering if people have advice about where I can find “real” live rock in the Bay Area. What I mean by real is something like Tampa bay aquatics or gulf live rock - rock that is shipped wet and is full of life. Are there any shops around the bay...
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    Thinking of getting a tank, a few questions

    Hi BARs! I’m thinking of starting a small tank (20 gallons or less) in my small apartment in the Mission! I had a 120g Fowlr as a high schooler (around 17 years ago!). If I do start a new tank I’d love to become a member of BARs! My 2 questions: I will have to be gone for two 4-week periods...