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  1. Chromis

    Octospawn care?

    Has anyone kept octospawn successfully and do you have any advice? Have you ever noticed if octospawn didn’t like to be in the same tank as other fimbriaphyllias (hammers/frogspawns)? Mine has been touchy since I got it a year ago, ruled out pests by dipping it, it’s my only unhappy coral, my...
  2. Chromis

    What did you get at the CFM?

    I picked up a stellaria chalice from and another gold Indo micro hammer from another vendor. I have a bad habit of buying a coral I like and then I realize when I get home that I have basically the same coral already, but this one might have more green along with the gold - we’ll...
  3. Chromis

    Sea cucumber experiences?

    What is the longest you kept a sea cucumber and how did it eventually die? I am starting to worry mine is a ticking time bomb... heard they can nuke a tank when they die with some toxins that can be released. I’ve had him 4-5 years (started as a 1” stowaway in some macro algae from Florida) and...
  4. Chromis

    Harlequin shrimp experiences?

    Looking for your experience with these shrimp. I bought a harlequin shrimp in November and there are fewer asterina starfish in the tank now, maybe half as many. But they aren’t gone. How long does it normally take for these shrimp to eat all the asterinas? Also, I have seen this shrimp twice...
  5. Chromis

    Does feeding high water content food reduce stress by helping fish osmoregulate?

    This question came up as I was considering replacing the expensive, frozen Calanus with freeze-dried Calanus. I realized if you throw freeze-dried food into a feeding ring you are essentially rehydrating it with saltwater, vs soaking in DI water first. Does it matter? Can fish get stressed if...
  6. Chromis

    Chromis’s Quarantine tank resurrection

    With a few years of reefkeeping under my belt it was super easy to pop this QT tank up just in time for @anathema ‘s tank breakdown/upcoming CFM. Equipment: IM 25 lagoon IKEA kitchen island borrowed from the kitchen - a perfect fit for the IM25! BRS doser and gallon water jug (for alk) Lamp...
  7. Chromis

    Fragging rainbow and CB Flaming Bugatti chalices! [emoji304] [emoji91]

    I bought this rainbow chalice two years ago at a CFM, and man did it go through a rough phase at first... it might have been too fresh of a cut, who knows... the recovery scared me away from cutting it for two years. When I bought it: One year later, remounted in the new tank (still tiny)...
  8. Chromis

    Caring for hallucination palys?

    Anyone have experience growing these out? What kind of lighting do they like? Did you have any success feeding them? They seem to be more sensitive (seems to be short in supply) - wonder if there are particular challenges to keep them happy?
  9. Chromis

    Collector urchins

    What is the longest your urchin ever carried one object around? I noticed mine has been carrying the same acro chip around for at least 3 weeks. I wonder how urchins decide what to pick up and hold on to... Anyway I bet this is one way coral species get spread around the reefs.
  10. Chromis

    Apex compatibility with 9A heater?

    What happens if you plug more than a 7A device, like a 800W heater rated at 9A, into an Apex EB832? Does the Apex fry, blow a fuse (is it reversible), or simply limit current draw to 7A? The biggest heater I can find with 7A or less is 500W which is not going to work for larger tanks (>130g...
  11. Chromis

    Best automatic fish feeders?

    What automatic fish feeders do you all use? I’m scoping out the Neptune apex and accessories. There is a pricey $100 Apex feeder that has mixed reviews online. I’m planning to feed the smaller 1mm pellets. Does anyone have a clever way to detect a faulty fish feeder while they’re away (like if...
  12. Chromis

    Red Planet acro

    This is a DBTC for Red Planet acro frags. This acro is nature’s PAR meter. It will be metallic green in 150 PAR and hot pink/red in >200 PAR. It is a tabling acro. Standard DBTC rules apply 1. At least two frags from these acros should be offered through DBTC before you do whatever else you...
  13. Chromis

    Blue acro

    I have two blue acro frags. Originally got this acro from a BAR frag swap @anathema. This is acro has a pearl base in high lighting with intense blue tips and green-blue polyps. It forms a short dense bush with great polyp extension so it needs high flow to keep water moving around the branches...
  14. Chromis

    CB Purple Fusion acro

    I have two CB Purple Fusion acro frags. Originally got this acro from @tankguy. This is a purple acro with bright green rim and purple polyps that extend to clear/white “hairs”. I’ve kept it in high flow, about 200 PAR when the LEDs and T5s are both on, and ~8.5 dKh alk. Standard DBTC rules...
  15. Chromis

    Reefapalooza 2018 Anaheim

    Sharing some of my RAP 2018 experience for those who didn’t make it down: First, some of the conference swag: I was excited to get samples of an all-in-one alk/Ca/trace supplement (calcium formate). I will try this out on my quarantine tank where I would be hesitant to setup more than one...
  16. Chromis

    Is legit?

    Can you really bottle purple and pink coralline? They claim they are harvesting their live rock from a heart-shaped reef off of Miami so big that it’s visible by airplane, but I can’t find any mention of it on a google search?
  17. Chromis

    CFM report - Aug 2018

    Summary for the Aug 4, 2018 Coral Farmers Market booth: Profit $461 (cash after) -$170 (cash starting) =$291 -Glues sold 12, x$8 = $96 Shirts sold 1, x$15 -Frag plugs sold unknown (no beforehand count) -raffle income (need input from whomever collected this) Details: Inventory before CfM...
  18. Chromis

    How do you measure supplements?

    When you add powdered or liquid supplements (alk, kalk, etc to your dosers for example) how do you measure the amount you use? I use a small electronic kitchen food scale and measure by the gram for both powder and liquid (zeroing first with only the plastic cup I add the supplement to). I’ve...
  19. Chromis

    Acropora ID?

    I picked this up at Neptune’s a couple months back, was a random mariculture or wild I don’t remember, can anyone ID what kind of acropora species this might be? Or what named corals it might be the same species as? It’s light blue with maroon polyps (close to the same same color as the maroon...
  20. Chromis

    Chromis’s 90g Acropora tank

    The goal of my new setup is to give my acropora space to grow into large colonies, allowing the corals to create a natural aquascape. Starting with a RedSea Reefer 450, we added a custom RO water feed, emergency drain, and light canopy. We had to relocate a floor vent from the tank area, and...