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  1. Chromis

    Bay Bridge Aquarium - thumbs up or thumbs down?

    I think QT’d fish is a great value add. I will add that I’m also willing to pay more for tank-raised fish like the Biota yellow tangs to get a fish that might be better habituated to tank life. I’m curious if there is also a market for corals, nems or CUC that have been kept in fish free tanks...
  2. Chromis

    Squist's RSR 250

    Looks great! What do you think helped the most with dinos and problem algae?
  3. Chromis

    Frags tiles

    Could be, similar to how coralline likes to grow on smooth acryllic surfaces. To complete the experiment I can give you a couple ceramic tiles and you can see which look better under daylight after a few months in your tank ;) Great set up by the way and your corals look bright and healthy...
  4. Chromis

    Deep water acros

    So, are all smooth-skinned acros “deep-water”? Is there a reason (environmental, other) for the different morphology?
  5. Chromis

    Frags tiles

    Here, I just pulled these tiles from the same tank. That’s the difference between ceramic and travertine tiles - one is fairly clean and the other is supporting its own ecosystem of algae and emerald crabs lol
  6. Chromis

    Frags tiles

    When travertine is really pure it’s just aragonite or calcite, true. But if it’s off-white it means something else is in there, which is often iron. Having said that I guess it might be leaching phosphate or something else algae likes. Maybe BAR can sponsor a ICP test on water that Home Depot...
  7. Chromis

    Frags tiles

    The best tiles are from this company in Wisconsin called Alternative Reef. They are thin, fired ceramic tiles and don’t leach anything. They are slightly convex so they kind of sit on their corners giving just enough space underneath for pods (if I turn one upside down, it’s coated with pods)...
  8. Chromis


    You should not be using well water!! Get an RODI unit or find some other source.
  9. Chromis

    Anna & Pablo’s RSR P650

    Much better to spend the $500 on a new tank and never know if it would have held water or not, then to use a cracked tank and find out.
  10. Chromis

    ofzakaria 2nd zeo

    It’s cool when this happens (high-end acros, not aptasia) :)
  11. Chromis

    Fragging rainbow and CB Flaming Bugatti chalices! [emoji304] [emoji91]

    Hmm maybe it makes a difference if they are cut and placed right next to each other vs. what I did, which was give them too much space so they are healed and “set in their ways” before running into each other...
  12. Chromis

    Fragging rainbow and CB Flaming Bugatti chalices! [emoji304] [emoji91]

    What kind of chalices have you seen grow back together? We’re they recently cut or no?
  13. Chromis

    Fragging rainbow and CB Flaming Bugatti chalices! [emoji304] [emoji91]

    Update - my chalices behaved the same way - you can take two pieces of the same chalice and put them next to each other, but they will not grow back together. Opposite of acropora behavior. Wonder why it works this way. Red/blue sections of the same chalice: Examples of acropora cut from the...
  14. Chromis

    Help tuning skimmer

    If you tried everything else you could also try to lower your skimmer (run the water height higher than recommended), if possible. I run Skimz SN-143 skimmmers at 10” to 10.5” which is 1” above their max recommended water height (7” to 9.5”). Even with the DC tuning that’s what I had to do to...
  15. Chromis

    Octospawn care?

  16. Chromis

    Octospawn care?

    Has anyone kept octospawn successfully and do you have any advice? Have you ever noticed if octospawn didn’t like to be in the same tank as other fimbriaphyllias (hammers/frogspawns)? Mine has been touchy since I got it a year ago, ruled out pests by dipping it, it’s my only unhappy coral, my...
  17. Chromis

    PAR meter #1 vs #2 measurements

    Great write-up. I have similar observations that if you run Kessils in the daylight-ish spectrum it doesn’t matter how you measure PAR but if you are running Radions on UV-blue there is some discrepancy between sensors.
  18. Chromis

    Neptune Apex -- worth it?

    What? You don’t have a controller yet? As much as you travel? You can expand one Apex using add-on modules to control many aquariums. Makes life easier especially when traveling.
  19. Chromis

    Tenuis care

    No but this isn’t Magic Reef Fairy Dust (c) that promises to rid your tank of pests and algae and transform your corals - this is supplementing basic necessary reef major ions, therefore I would treat it like a vitamin I’m giving my kids and require to know what’s in it and how much. The magic...
  20. Chromis

    Got my fresh food autofeeder working today!

    Cool, I need something to dose PE calanus (P.U. calanus) so I don’t have to handle it anymore. Also need the hood raiser :)