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  1. konkers

    Banggai Pregnant?

    The Banggai that I've always assumed was female (the one getting it's butt sniffed by the other) is looking a bit rotund today. Full belly or pregnant?
  2. konkers

    Reef Demon

    Have you looked at Roberto's awesome Reef Angel controller and thought "Man that's just not complicated enough" or "Gee I wish the firmware were written in C instead of arduino sketches?" You have? Really? I thought I was the only one crazy like that. Roberto was kind enough to provide me...
  3. konkers

    Filter for a Quarantine Tank

    I woke up this morning to some dead corals in my QT and elevated Ammonia levels. It looks like the bubble filter I had in there (seeded from my DT) is not keeping up. What do people use a effective filters for quarantine tanks? How do you seed them? Thanks, Erik
  4. konkers

    Mounting this Monti

    I'm looking for some advice on how to mount this monti I got from the swap. It was described on the label as plating/scrolling. Which part should I attach? Looking at it there is no obvious "base" which to attach it to the rock. Should I tilt it or leave it flat? Should I mount...
  5. konkers

    Salifert Cheat Sheet

    I made up a 1 page cheat sheet for the Salifert Alk, Ca, Mg, and Phosphate tests to pin to the wall where I do my tests. Here's a link to it for anyone that might find it useful.
  6. konkers

    A rage opportunity: 1000g tank at work.

    We're getting ready to move buildings at work and when a coworker was looking over the floorplans with our VP she asked "Where does the fish tank go?" His eyes lit up and he proclaimed "I want the biggest reef tank ever!" I get the honor of figuring out what that means, speccing the system...
  7. konkers

    Thoughts on Canon IS lenses for top down photography.

    Does anybody have any thoughts/experience with using Canon IS lenses for top down photography. With the 100mm IS lens being almost twice the price as the regular one, I'm having a tough time evaluating how useful IS will be for top down. Thanks, Erik
  8. konkers

    Vortech MP10 == Holy Crap!

    In preparation for putting the acros I got from the swap into my tank, I picked up a Vortech MP10 today to give me some variable flow. My thought was to replace one of my two Koralia 2s in my stretch hex 40g with it. I mounted it and turned it up to max to adjust for vibration and was...
  9. konkers

    Konkers' 40 gal stretch hex

    Last December my neglected 14 gal BioCube developed a small leak. It had never really done well and it's sole surviving inhabitants were a clownfish, a hermit crab, and a handful of snails. I used this as an excuse to upgrade the tank and learn more about proper care. I went with an...