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  1. Baykes

    CB Yellow Tangs at Violet

    Saw some baby yellow tangs when I was at Violet last Friday. Seem to be reasonably priced too for the current market, $140. They are little guys, maybe a little more than half dollar:
  2. Baykes

    Free: Tiger Pistol Shrimp

    Dr. Reef shipped me a tiger pistol shrimp by mistake when I ordered a Randall’s. Got refunded so free to a good home
  3. Baykes

    Today I 3D printed…

    …a feeding port for my screen cover No noticeable sag from adding the port. Nice to not have to take the whole lid off for feeding (lazy). Everything including the screws were printed. Used black PETG. Used the files from here: Found it in this...
  4. Baykes

    Dropped my bounce in the pool…

    Well when I was fragging the bounces off my rockwork with a flathead screwdriver in my backyard, it proceeded to fly off into the pool!!! I was so mad, but I went ahead a fished it out with a net, spent maybe 1 minute or so in the pool. I was going to throw it away, but since I was breaking the...
  5. Baykes

    Baseball of Chaeto

    The chaeto I got from @NanoCrazed has been doing great and has since filled my fuge. He was not kidding about it being loaded with pods fter adding it I have seen pods on the glass in the DT which is a good sign that they are multiplying. Should be able to make a couple baseballs worth of...
  6. Baykes

    BRS Screen Lid Extras

    Have 4 extra angle brackets, rubber rope and about 40”x80” plus extra mesh. It is the 1/4” size mesh. Just thought I would ask if anyone could use it before tossing it. Unfortunately I don’t have extra frame pieces. If it is not claimed by Sunday to the trash it goes.
  7. Baykes

    Mission Inconchnito

    I think I am having too much fun watching this guy
  8. Baykes

    Baykes' 105 Gallon "First Big Reef"

    So it's time to create a journal for my "new" tank. "New" because I was given this tank from @hyacinth a couple years ago. I have slowly been acquiring equipment for this build and finally had some time to work on it during the winter break. I really wish I would have taken more pictures of the...
  9. Baykes

    Sore on side of Melanurus Wrasse

    Well I sure am happy that I decided to follow a quarantine/TTM procedure for all new additions on my new tank! After getting the fish last night I just noticed what looks like a sore/lesion on the side of my melanurus wrasse. I could have missed it when I bought it, but I think it may have...
  10. Baykes

    Had to share this from Reddit

    Such a good design:
  11. Baykes

    T5/LED Hybrid Bulb Combos?

    Curious what others who are running T5/LED hybrid fixtures are using for their bulb combinations? I plan on using 4 t5 bulbs along with 2 Kessil A360s.
  12. Baykes

    Vibrant Bubble Algae Success Story

    Just thought I would share my experience to others also battling bubble algae. A couple of before images to give you an idea. Pretty much the entire rock plus most frag plugs were like this: I would siphon the rocks bare, but inevitably it would grow back. In March I decided I would try...
  13. Baykes

    What a deal...

    Just wanted to share this amazing deal with you all:
  14. Baykes

    RODI replacement filters

    Recently tested my RODI water and was shocked to see 90-100 TDS going through! Going to replace the filters but kind of lost as this is my first time replacing. What do you guys use? Do you guys buy generic filters or name brand ones? I saw some people mention online that they use non name...
  15. Baykes

    DBTC: Sunkist Bounce Mushroom

    I have had the privilege of growing corals from other peoples DBTC so I would like to give back to the club with my first DBTC. First the boring stuff... My DBTC Rules I use "DBTC" as a backup in case my coral dies. This means you give me a frag(when extras are available) if mine dies. My...
  16. Baykes

    Free: Lineatus Blenny

    Caught this guy picking on one of my chalices so he has to go. Nice fish and he will eat algae... and some LPS. Doesn’t mess with Zoas or softies, not sure about sps. Caught him and he is floating in a container in the tank so he is ready to be picked up. Thanks
  17. Baykes

    ID Coral Please "Long Polyp Monti"?

    So I got this coral from the LFS about a month ago. So far it has been doing well and is starting to encrust. I was told that this is called a long polyp monti and it seems that AquaSD sells, or used to sell, a very similar coral under the name Long Polyps Joker Monti. However it seems that...
  18. Baykes

    Sweet Looking Scape... How to Replicate

    So I recently picked up a 24 gallon JBJ Nanocube, since I am tired of having to deal with acrylic...but thats another story, and I have been looking up scapes that people did with theirs for inspiration. One that caught my eye was this one: This is the 28 gallon model, so not the exact, but...
  19. Baykes

    Adding new rock into a running tank?

    So I am thinking of adding some more rock to refresh my aquascape. My question is, is this a good idea? Should I go with live or dead or dry or some other kind of rock? Any tips or advice would be much appreciated :)
  20. Baykes

    New to this forum and the hobby *Double Noob*

    Hey everyone, So my name is William and I just set up my first reef. I have had freshwater planted tanks for awhile, but have always dreamed of going to the darkside :D Anyways, I really look forward to joining this community and hobby and hope to be a supporting member and makeone of your...