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  1. rygh

    New BoD Member-at-Large Nomination

    So I get the humor, so no real problem. And yes, votes like these are generally almost a rubber-stamp kind of thing. But given current US politics, I am a bit reluctant to start taking even trivial votes too lightly.
  2. rygh

    Website upgrade 2019

  3. rygh

    Website upgrade 2019

    I am an engineer, not an artist. If it functions ... I am happy. So lets turn this around. What would you say might spruce up the site a bit?
  4. rygh

    Website upgrade 2019

    Yes, that was a huge issue before. Causing lost members. Now fixed.
  5. rygh

    Website upgrade 2019

    No. The author of the thread would need to do that. Likely by creating a summary first post. You can just click on the "New Posts" button. Or bookmark that page, not main page.
  6. rygh

    Website upgrade 2019

    So as of Sunday night, and other than DBTC section which is still under improvement: Are there any know issues???
  7. rygh

    In Search of a BAR Treasurer

  8. rygh

    Website upgrade 2019

    We will.
  9. rygh

    Website upgrade 2019

    Yes, that is expected. We could not port the old data. We are investigting altenatives, including doing things by hand.
  10. rygh

    2019 Sep Corals Farmers Market - Booth Volunteers needed still

    As per other thread, please delete me from 11-12 slot. This is no minor bug. I am definitely not going to make it. Sorry. I really hope someone can pick up raffle/cash box as well.
  11. rygh

    Can't log on to Bay Area Reefers on my Tapatalk

    Tapetalk should be working. Yes, clear cache. Note : Try it without Tapetalk. Should be much more mobile friendly now.
  12. rygh

    Setup Help for September 14th SV -CFM - free tix for volunteers

    I have a bad stomach bug. Probably will not be able to help set up Saturday morning. To make it worse, I have the bin with raffle gear, and the cash box and credit card readers. Anyone near Union City/Fremont that can help get them there in time for setup? Very sorry!
  13. rygh

    Website upgrade 2019

    Hmm, looks like there are still multiple themes. Default is Bareefers XF 2 Theme. Please use that. I may delete the others to reduce support issues, unless someone really likes one of them.
  14. rygh

    Website upgrade 2019

    So things went pretty well with the change. A big problem is that I am really sick today. We switched servers as part of the change, so the IP address changed. That can take a long time to propagate. If you are still seeing the old site with certain devices or browsers, you probably need to...
  15. rygh

    Website upgrade 2019

  16. rygh

    Calcium & Alkalinity supplementing methods

    The biggest problem is that you often cannot dose enough with Kalkwasser even if diluted to full saturation.
  17. rygh

    Thinking for starting new tank ---- plz stop me haha

    Go here Start a new thread. No real required format or anything. Whatever you want. Lots of pictures are good.
  18. rygh

    Website upgrade 2019

    Step 1 is to fix what is broken. Step 2 is to slowly improve it, and yes, part of that may be improving event promotions and graphics. So later this year, I might hit you up for some help.
  19. rygh

    Website upgrade 2019

    Update: The plan is to switch over Wednesday night. Site will go down probably around 5 PM. Hopefully it will work by the next morning.
  20. rygh

    New to me Reefer 250

    Sounds like a brownout, where voltage drops but does not actually go to 0. That sort of thing can play havoc with electronics. I would suggest buying some new GFCI plugs. They should not pop when you disconnect things.