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    Aquaforest 1,2,3

    I have just begun this balling method. It states to dose chemicals equally. Right now I'm letting my tank settle down since Calcium is off the charts to where it's too high to measure on a set kit same as magnesium. If you are using this method what Kh are you guys going by to get things...
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    Anyone have SPS for sale?

    I wasn't home during our recent heat wave. Three days of my tank hovering @ 90 F or higher. I lost some Acro colonies and orange Monti Cap, and a large colony of spongodes. Does anyone have anything for sale or trade? I'm at a loss but trying to get through this mess.
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    Velvet Outbreak

    I had a breakout of Velvet in my tank @ November. I ran a diatom and UV sterilizer and thought it would get rid of it. I bought new fish at a great Black Friday deal, put them in my tank (after multiple water changes and running the above) and they all died within two weeks of each other...
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    Keeping LPS corals under LED lighting

    I’ve had a Red Sea Max with dual Ai 26HD as lighting. Understand I’ve been reefing since 1986 using T5 and Metal Halide. I’m keeping all LPS corals and would like to know which LPS corals can take light at the top of the tank instead of placing them along the bottom as suggested. Using LED’s...
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    Jebao Doser DP-4

    My kids bought me a Jebao Doser for Christmas and I'm just now getting around to setting it up. I've gone through the calibration but I made mistakes with dosing days and times. I'm trying to backtrack and clear my mistakes but it only allows me to go to the next setting. Does anyone know how...