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  1. Srt4eric

    Featured CFM volunteers needed.

    Check out @JVU's post here and sign up if you can!!!
  2. Srt4eric

    Laser beams!!!

    @Thales has been mentioning a laser for pest control. He finally posted a link to get the laser in the notes for episode 42 of Reef Beef. Well Amazon says my laser is 4 stops away. Has anyone used one for pest control? Any tips @Thales?
  3. Srt4eric

    Ecotech mobius chip

    @robert4025 can you get these?
  4. Srt4eric

    DBTC: Pink Boobies Chalice

    I just added Chalice to DBTC. There are 5 frag(s) available right now. This thread was automatically created by BARcode
  5. Srt4eric


    I got this from a tank breakdown from a bar member a couple months ago. I want to frag it up and offer some to dbtc and pif (for supporting members) I'd like to know if it has a name. Anyone know?
  6. Srt4eric

    DBTC: Green torch

    I just added Green torch to DBTC. There are 2 frag(s) available right now. This thread was automatically created by BARcode
  7. Srt4eric


    Anyone want this? It's mad in this pic cause I just moved it to the frag tank. Pick up in SJ.
  8. Srt4eric

    Job opening in San Jose!!!

    Anyone need a job or know someone looking? Great entry level position to a great plumbing career. Just need a basic class c license. Amazing benefits (100% employer paid kaiser, 401k, profit sharing) full time. And you get to drive this bad boy!!!
  9. Srt4eric

    4am thoughts...

    I wonder what size tank they have?
  10. Srt4eric

    Left over frags

    I've got at least 6 frags left over from the grow out contest. If any supporting members want a frag but don't want to participate in the contest let me know. I'm in San Jose.
  11. Srt4eric

    What did i find in my frag tank?

    So I was looking at my frag tank earlier and I found this thing crawling around. It had a very hard shell when I smashed it.
  12. Srt4eric

    Dont know if you all know this...

    But @H2OPlayar and myself are famous!!! Check out the latest episode of ReefBeef. Thanks again @Thales for the great frags and showing your setup.
  13. Srt4eric

    Redsea Reef90 led issue

    Does anyone have any experience with these lights? I have one over a 24 gallon cube and I keep getting notifications saying it's overheating.
  14. Srt4eric

    DBTC: Branching GSP

    I just added Branching GSP to DBTC. There are 2 frag(s) available right now. This thread was automatically created by BARcode
  15. Srt4eric

    Nothing better...

    Than starting off your week with $6000+ worth of tools gone.
  16. Srt4eric

    Very hardy sps

    I helped @IOnceWasLegend break down @Jonathan Chia's tank on the 10th. I brought home a couple of tubs of live rock. Yesterday I was putting that rock into my rock pile. To my surprise I found this little guy sitting in about an inch of water. 10 days sitting in cold water and it's still alive!!!
  17. Srt4eric

    Eric's big one

    Instead of piggy backing off of my former 40 gallon current 100 gallon tank journal I decided to start this new one to document my newest adventure.
  18. Srt4eric

    Giveaway!!! milwaukee digital refractometer

    Myself and a couple other members recently broke down a very large system and it came with a lot of extra cool stuff. A lot of it I don't need and I would like to give it away. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER GIVEAWAY IF YOU DONT PLAN ON USING THE ITEM. NO SELLING OF THE EQUIPMENT!!! If I wanted the stuff...
  19. Srt4eric

    Biocube 16 led

    Got a free biocube 16 led. The lid is currently off but I have it. I can also throw in the biocube stand with it. Comes with heater and the coralife uv filter. Pick up San Jose. Supporting members only
  20. Srt4eric

    G3 xr30s wont follow schedule.

    I've have these lights programed and working great with reeflink. Last night I attempted to switch from reeflink to the WXM module. The WXM couldn't find any of my devices so I plugged back in reeflink. I did this around 1am this morning so lights were off. Now it's 11am and my lights should be...