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  1. Patio

    Patio's IM 75 EXT

    Got a new tank a month or so back and just finished leak testing last weekend. Rocks are in and getting a nice slime coat. Maybe start adding stuff from my drilled IM20 over in the coming weeks.
  2. Patio

    disobedient algae

    I asked it nicely to grow on the screen... Might need to escalate to asking sternly but fairly. At first it bothered me but I guess it is still doing what it needs to do...
  3. Patio

    Tropic Marin Pro Reef in stock

    BRS Pro Reef Salt - 200 Gallon - Tropic Marin SKU: 211809 In Stock $99.88
  4. Patio

    Happy Festivus!

    Happy Festivus to all you Seinfeld fans!
  5. Patio

    Trying to connect RO line to my Kamoer X1 pro

    I am trying to connect my dosing pump (Kamoer X1) to RO line then into my Kalk reactors john guest fitting. I need a piece that can transition me from the dosing pump's line diameter to RO size diameter. Like a male x male barbed downsize union. Do these exist or is there a work-around I need to...
  6. Patio

    Plumbing RODI help - Self-Piercing Saddle valve?

    Should I use a saddle valve or look for a different solution. I purchased a new RODI unit a few weeks ago but have been lagging to set it up because it is a lot less straight forward than my previous house where I just connected it to my utility sink. In our current house, we have a really old...
  7. Patio

    MP10 shaft damage, should I be worried?

    You can see at the base of the shaft that some metal has been exposed. Is this something to be worried about? I went ahead and purchased a new quiet drive mp10 to replace this but was hoping this is something that can be repaired? The quiet drive is considerably quieter but it would be cool if...
  8. Patio

    Is this a BAR member we know?

    I have noticed this truck parked at our neighbors office taking care of their tank every week or so. Was wondering if its a member so next time I can say hello.
  9. Patio

    Scientists discovered how ultra-black fish disappear
  10. Patio

    Nano-Tech Bio-Plug Frag Plugs (25 Pack) - Maxspect

    Clever product or clever marketing? Or somewhere between? Curious what you guys think about these new frag plugs? New product on MD . comb. I am not sure if allowed to post a link to it
  11. Patio

    Pipette for automatic dosage, 100 μL graduated pipette - HI731339P

    Hannah is currently out of stock (back ordered). Are there any other options I could purchase? Or suggestions as to where to look? I see plenty of options in the well over $20 range but I don't really need it bad enough to justify the higher cost.
  12. Patio

    Considering adding an molly to the reef tank

    Are there any glaring (or not glaring) reasons why I should not add a Molly (after properly acclimating) to my reef tank? I have more to learn before making this decision. I am interested in hearing why or why not add a molly to a 20g display dimensions (40g total volume including sump)? The...