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  1. svreef

    Brute drain

    Has anyone installed a drain on a brute trash can? Any recommendations for a type of fitting I could use?
  2. svreef

    Frag tank to WC vessel

    I have a 22g frag tank that is plumbed into my DT with its own return pump. Since things are in shambles at the moment, I want to get more disciplined about water changes. Making them easier would go a long way. So, I’m thinking about converting this frag tank to a water change vessel. I could...
  3. svreef

    Rubbermaid Slim Jim

    Do you think it would hold up with 20g of water? https://www.rubbermaidcommercial.com/slim-jim/
  4. svreef

    BARcode v1.41.0 - the Christmas update!

    I just released an update to BARcode that completely revamps the equipment UI. First of all, the list of items is now more compact and only has a single action, "queue", which takes you to a dedicated page for the item. The queue has been redesigned and now splits out items that are...
  5. svreef

    Yellow Tamarin Wrasses at Neptune

    https://www.instagram.com/reel/CX1TsC8IsL6/?utm_medium=copy_link Someone needs to get one of these beauties! @robert4025 - what will be the price?
  6. svreef

    Changing DI resin

    Every time I do this, I end up spilling a lot of water because the canisters are full. My DI stages are isolated from the others by a valve. So, I close the valve - which means no more water flowing in. Then I open the solenoid at the end to relieve pressure and I open the canisters, making a...
  7. svreef

    Vacation prep

    I’m going out of town for 11 days this Friday. I have not cleaned my return pumps in 1.5 yrs. For the main one, I have a NIB backup. For the secondary, I do not. Should I: Do nothing Clean both of them Clean the secondary and replace the primary
  8. svreef

    BARcode v1.38.0

    I've wanted to try out Google's maps APIs since I started working on BARcode and I finally got a chance this weekend. Now, BARcode calculates the distance between members when equipment is marked as ready and includes this information to help nudge folks to exchange items. This was a real...
  9. svreef

    BARcode v1.37.1

    We've been discussing BARcode improvements and I finally got some time to get one done. This release has a new feature to do with equipment. When you are holding an item, you can now signal that you are done using the item. There's a new option in the menu to do just that. Once you do it, a...
  10. svreef

    Aquatic Collection recon

    If anyone goes to AC Friday, could you please take a look at six line or melanurus wrasses and report back?
  11. svreef

    Puff: Wonders of the reef

  12. svreef

    LF: Mini DV camera or player

    We just unearthed a bunch of family home videos that are 20 yrs old on mini DV tapes. Does anyone have an old camera, player or anything of that sort? An HDMI output would be awesome.
  13. svreef

    New invention?

    I think I just invented something: frag tiles that are scored so you can cut them more easily - like bars of chocolate. Imagine a 2" tile scored halfway in both directions...you wouldn't even need a saw to break it into 4 pieces. Who wants to bring this to market and make tens of dollars with me?
  14. svreef

    Critter ID

    Pretty big - looks like a snail without a shell. Elusive.
  15. svreef

    RO system troubleshooting

    I have a BRS RO system with a Smart Buddie. The system has a pressure gauge and came with a 100 gpd membrane. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the pressure gauge was showing over 100 psi. So, I guessed that the membrane was done for and I bought a new one. However, I decided on a 75 gpd...
  16. svreef

    The Dark Hobby

    I’m about to watch it https://thedarkhobby.com/
  17. svreef

    Red Dragon and Forest Fire Digitata

    I have three frags of each. Red Dragon can be sensitive but grows really well for me. Unfortunately, it’s fragile and my surly fish break big branches of it. FF Digi is much more forgiving and is very bright. Pictures of the mother colonies.
  18. svreef

    Free algae scrapers

  19. svreef

    Slimeball Anacropora spawning?

    I’ve been seeing little bright green dots in my frag tank and I finally cleaned the glass enough to notice this one. Next to some bubble algae there appears to be a small patch of slimeball anacropora. The mother colony is about a foot away from this. There are other small dots all over, but...
  20. svreef

    LF an engine hoist

    If you have one taking up room in your garage, let me know.