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  1. svreef

    Featured BAR at CFM Jan 22 2022

    I intend to show up 12-4 and do what I can.
  2. svreef

    Help: Why did 2 new bicolor blennys die in a row while my six line wrasse is doing well?

    Six lines can make it very difficult to add fish. They should be the last to be added - definitely not the first
  3. svreef

    Growout Contest - Bubble Gum Monster Chalice - Now Tracking Growth

    I’m dropping out of the contest
  4. svreef

    Brute drain

    Has anyone installed a drain on a brute trash can? Any recommendations for a type of fitting I could use?
  5. svreef

    New to BAR and reefing! Critique my 40 breeder stocking list and equipment please.

    I agree with the six line - they are usually trouble when you want to add more fish. A yellow coris will do good work eating pests and won’t be aggressive.
  6. svreef

    Frag tank to WC vessel

    Right? It makes so much sense - no buckets, hoses or hassle
  7. svreef

    Frag tank to WC vessel

    I have a 22g frag tank that is plumbed into my DT with its own return pump. Since things are in shambles at the moment, I want to get more disciplined about water changes. Making them easier would go a long way. So, I’m thinking about converting this frag tank to a water change vessel. I could...
  8. svreef

    [feature request] frag receivers add frags to chain

    It’s part of the “add an item” wizard.
  9. svreef

    DIY Neptune Apex Display Module + Dosing Calculator

    Very cool!
  10. svreef

    [feature request] frag receivers add frags to chain

    No, the recipient cannot make the change in BARcode, only the giver. There is a feature where the recipient can remind the giver that they got a frag, to encourage the giver to make the update. The reason for this restriction is to keep it simple. The thinking is that the giver has already...
  11. svreef

    Water containers with auto shut off *fill* valve + my diy water mixing station

    I used the XP Aqua guardian to automatically refill my ATO reservoir for over a year and now I use it to fill my brute. It’s really great - when you give it power, it opens the solenoid and starts filling, so you can easily automate it.
  12. svreef

    MOVED TO ZOOM- Jan 8 New Year’s Celebration with ReefBeef

    Agreed, Rich and Ben are hysterical, honest and very entertaining.
  13. svreef

    Rubbermaid Slim Jim

    Do you think it would hold up with 20g of water?
  14. svreef

    Anna & Pablo’s RSR P650

  15. svreef


    Your feedback is definitely appreciated!
  16. svreef

    Brs glitch on ghl

    He really is...
  17. svreef


    I'm open to change anything as long as we have agreement and a concise plan - not a trickle of change requests. That being said, in my opinion the annoyance of bot posts in "what's new" is only temporary and wanes. It's not necessary to make drastic changes to fix that particular problem...
  18. svreef

    Anna & Pablo’s RSR P650

    I’ve been a bad reefer. The MEN distracted me from a slow crash and then I went on vacation (after adding a bunch of wrasses). A lot of coral is dead or dying including some softies. My entire green birds nest colony is dead. The only silver lining is that the fish are all happy. I don’t know...
  19. svreef

    BARcode v1.41.0 - the Christmas update!

    Sure, do you have it right now?
  20. svreef

    BARcode v1.41.0 - the Christmas update!

    I just released an update to BARcode that completely revamps the equipment UI. First of all, the list of items is now more compact and only has a single action, "queue", which takes you to a dedicated page for the item. The queue has been redesigned and now splits out items that are...