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  1. Bolicks

    Back at it! 22.4g Fiji Cube

    Love grammas. If you dont already have one, they love to hide under my plating montis - happy to give you a frag.
  2. Bolicks

    Lemon damsel

    Your mileage may vary :)
  3. Bolicks

    Lemon damsel

    Hey everyone, looking to pass along one of my three lemon damsels, who is about 3". Unfortunately, the dominant male has been picking on him, and I'd rather get him to a better home. Has been disease free, but I've obtained him recently, so YMMV. The damsel I'm looking to rehome has been...
  4. Bolicks

    425XL - Version 2

    Huge bummer... I'm a big fan of two heaters that have integrated thermostats on the inkbird with one heater set to turn on before the other, making it less likely that both fail at the same time.
  5. Bolicks

    Custom lid for 40 gallons

    I've made one with polycarb before - still warped unfortunately. Might be better with thicker material?
  6. Bolicks

    Back at it! 22.4g Fiji Cube

    He "defends" his rock hole by flashing at other fish, but never initiates aggression. Should be fine with your firefish :) Biota breeds captive royal grammas that should be extra chill too.
  7. Bolicks

    Back at it! 22.4g Fiji Cube

    I love my royal gramma. Should work in your tank?
  8. Bolicks

    Solana 34g "Kids-Older-Now-Let's-Give-It-Another-Go" Reef

    Eurobracing can help somewhat with keeping fish in. Would really recommend a screen top though - you can make one yourself super cheaply, or buy a nice one from cut acrylic online if aesthetics are the issue. Gotta keep those fish happy!
  9. Bolicks

    Bolick's 55gal mixed reef

    Recently got a melanarus wrasse, yellow damsels and chromis from @FishForLife. Looks like they're settling in nicely! Those rowdy chromis did manage to break off some monti branches though... Love to see them interact with the coral overhangs and branches.
  10. Bolicks

    bfirecat's IM 25g Lagoon

    Here's also a cool investigation into BJD by aquabiomics ( They identify an arcobacter species as potentially causative of BJD.
  11. Bolicks

    bfirecat's IM 25g Lagoon

    I haven't done it myself so I can't speak from experience unfortunately. It does seem like there's some decent threads on humblefish ( and reefbuilders (for anemone treatment)...
  12. Bolicks

    bfirecat's IM 25g Lagoon

    I know that some have luck using ciprofloxacin for brown jelly disease - may be worth a shot?
  13. Bolicks

    Bolick's 55gal mixed reef

    Also trying to plumb a 10gallon Fiji cube into my DT as an anemone cube. Unfortunately ordered the wrong fittings... Anyone know where I can find some Barb x Female thread fittings locally?
  14. Bolicks

    Bolick's 55gal mixed reef

    Tank survived my 16 day trip to Colorado! Combination of auto feeder, easy fish and a wifi camera provided a relaxing, automated vacation experience. No coral mortalities, despite my NO3/PO4 dropping to nearly 0. Definitely not as relaxing to scrape 2 weeks worth of coralline and algea from the...
  15. Bolicks

    Best way to keep nitrate down on Nano tank

    Sounds lame, but light fish stocking and feeding helps... until you can figure out a way to efficiently nutrient export.
  16. Bolicks

    Anyone in the Bay Area can fix glass fish tank? My 65G has developed a seam leak.

    I've got a 55 gal marine truvu - not bad but a total scratch magnet, and the rounded corners are super hard to clean. Might be able to find a used one?
  17. Bolicks

    Super Black Friday Weekend Specials

    Awesome! Are these fish treated/qt at all?
  18. Bolicks

    First Post!

    Sorry to hear about your crash, but welcome! Do you still have some of the water from the store? May be worth sending for ICP testing to determine what's going on...
  19. Bolicks

    Any black friday deals on peppermint shrimp?

    Looks like aquatic collection has discounted livestock today, they often have peppermint shrimp
  20. Bolicks

    Lets see them full tank shot

    Montis are growing so fast!