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  1. Apon

    Special Thanks to all who helped at CFM Sept 2019

    I want to give a big thanks to our Volunteers. Thanks to BOD of course for supporting the event! and trusting me to coordinate again. Set Up Crew - you guys did great! smoothest setup I have seen so far! Sorry if I bossed you around too much. Baykes - William Steven Robbins Popper - Max...
  2. Apon

    2019 Sept CFM results - raffles and club proceeds

    Hello all, All the raffles prizes were picked up at the event so no one needed to be called. (and no I did not win anything this time):eek: For the most part the sales and the raffle drawing went pretty smoothly. (thanks to Bruce who acquired most of the raffle prizes) For the 2 grand...
  3. Apon

    Reminder - this coming CFM on Sept 14th is at a new location

    Just a friendly Reminder - The Coral Farmers Market coming up is at a new location this time. Details below. September 14th SVCFM
  4. Apon

    2019 Sep Corals Farmers Market - Booth Volunteers needed still

    Hi All, As its less than 3 weeks away. We are now looking for Volunteers to man the Booth. ( I am not sure what we have left to sell? (Tshirts and Glue usually) Nor have I heard anything about the Raffle items yet. This involves BAR items sales and Raffle items, as well as answering any...
  5. Apon

    Setup Help for September 14th SV -CFM - free tix for volunteers

    Hi all, We are doing a club booth again at the event and I will need a few 6 helpers to help setup Friday night before hand, and at least 4 helpers for clean up. (FYI - We will need helpers for manning the BAR Booth again as well - more to come later about that) September 14th SVCFM...
  6. Apon

    2019 Sep Corals Farmers Market - Discount Tickets to Members

    Hello All, September 14th SVCFM I finally received the tickets in the mail today. Again I will be selling the tickets to Supporting Club Members at a discounted cost of $3 per ticket. (non-members/guests can also buy...
  7. Apon

    2019 Sep CFM

    Hello all, Steve Tyree reached out to me again asking if we want to Sell CFM tickets again. Do you want me to take the lead on this again?
  8. Apon

    Anyone ever bought these dosing containers from Amazon? Seems like a reasonable deal? Thoughts?
  9. Apon

    MACNA 2019 and the opening of Star Wars land in Disney World the same time?

    Anyone planning on going.....I have 2 tickets for now...not sure if I am going yet.
  10. Apon

    2019 CFM Feb sales results - raffles

    Ok to be open to everyone on what we did /what was recorded. Logs were recorded by different folks manning the tables. I am not sure if these are final or not........ T -shirt sales 5 x$15 ( but no sizes listed? We have starting count I know when can figure it out if needed) LI heard that...
  11. Apon

    CFM 2019 Feb Steinhart Tour Winner

    Congratulations to .......:D Steinhart Tour Winner Steve MacArt Bruce will you contact him as well? Arnold
  12. Apon

    CFM 2019 Feb Grand Prize Winner of the Apex System

    I know there was a bunch of tickets sold for this. 233 tickets! And the winner is...................... Shawn Rothacher! Not sure if he is a BAR member but Bruce will reach out to him.:D Congrats!
  13. Apon

    Discount Tickets to Corals Farmer Market for BAR members.

    Hi all, 2-11 Update - Sold Out ( 5 everyone paid who needed to) Arnold to send club $51 to club for CFM sales that were paid to me. (17 tickets) The club paid 9 tix $27 . We got some free badges for setup helpers (4). Arnold Paid Cash out to CFM from Box $78 on Sat. Paypal received ($3)...
  14. Apon

    Corals Farmer market set up - silicon valley Friday Feb 8th - Need 2-3 helpers

    Hi all, We are doing a club booth again at the event and I will need a few helpers to help setup Friday night before hand. Event info here: We also need help with Taken on Saturday too - So let us know if you can help...
  15. Apon

    Any thoughts on getting electrical burn smell of your hands?

    So I have been on shutdown from work since last Friday. I decide to stop bye and check and feed my 6 gallon desk tank. I have a friend who was working feed while I was away. So I get there and there is that dreaded electrical burning smell and black film on the water surface. The Rio 600...
  16. Apon

    To BOD - Steve Tyree is asking if BAR is interested in Coral farmers Market again with Booth?

    He sent me email with some details. I will not be in Town for this one to be contact. Can you guys tell me who can be the BAR contact for Steve. I can forward to the email on to them. Arnold
  17. Apon

    LPS and Soft Coral donations to Monterey Bay Aquarium 6-16

    Hello, If anyone wants to donate any LPS and Soft corals to Monterey Bay Aquarium, please post here. Even if you are not attending my tour on the 16th but want to donate - We might be able to bring it down there, by folks who are coming. They will take Xenia and Kenya tree too - so it might...
  18. Apon

    Confirmed - Monterey Bay Aquarium Tour - Sat June 16th 1:30pm for tour - pics added

    As some of you know I used to Volunteer at the Steinhart Aquarium under Matt Wandell. well he has moved to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Staff and I have reached out to him to try to do a behind the scenes tour. Although this is NOT an official BAR Event - I want to open it to around 15 current...
  19. Apon

    How come the Events Section is blank? Can that be filled out.

    I am talking about the icon at the top right of the screen. Home - Forums - Events - Members. I am looking at doing a side event and it would help me to know what dates are already reserved for BAR meetings.;)