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  1. Blaise006

    Any ideas what this is?

    Is this what uranema looks like on anthias?
  2. Blaise006

    Green basal outline on SPS

    Anyone know why the outline of the base turns green like this or what it indicates?
  3. Blaise006

    Coral Studies

    I thought I’d share this for anyone interested. I’ve been diving into coral nutrition lately specifically regarding SPS. I thought it was interesting, specially the overall poor survival rate of tenius compared to other species.
  4. Blaise006

    Phosphates and Coral notes for frag Tank

    Start July 2021 Nov 2021 - couldn’t find my filter after the move. Regardless the colors and PE were looking amazing. Extremely happy with growth and color Dec 15 2021 - I noticed colors weren’t as vibrant, PE was minimal. Dec 30 2021 The frag has been STNing for a couple weeks now. I...
  5. Blaise006

    The Sodel Frag Tank

    Been a bit since I updated the journals. The frag tank has been up and running since mid October 2021. Pretty happy with the transition after the move. A few losses but nothing that is end of the world (knock on wood). Here are some of the frags waiting to make it to the new tank.
  6. Blaise006

    Cleaning Filter Socks

    I am interested in peoples method for cleaning filter socks. Reading the water report for San Jose has me reconsidering using the washing machine. What is your preferred method for cleaning filter socks?
  7. Blaise006

    Tent Fumigation and tanks

    Hope everyone is having a good holiday so far! A friend of mine came into possession of a tank with a recent home purchase. They need to fumigate and I offered to house the animals temporarily. With a tent fumigation for termites, are there easier ways to protect the tank? Do we need tear...
  8. Blaise006

    Lowering the energy bill: Heat the room or the tank

    So last night I went out and bought a ceramic space heater. My thought process is since all the tanks are going in one small garage that it might be better to just heat the garage with a space heater. Drywall has insulation, no insulation on the garage door. Turn the space heater on and PH...
  9. Blaise006

    Aqua life light mount screws

    Hi all, Does anyone know where I can replace the below? I am missing two of these for my aqualife light mount and was hoping to finish this over the weekend.
  10. Blaise006

    Light hanging, need an assist.

    Hi All, I was hoping I could ask two people to help me with some light hanging. I need to make some adjustments that require the light fixture to be supported on both sides while I screw the extension brackets in place. If anyone has 20 mins to spare this weekend, it would be a huge help!
  11. Blaise006

    QT opinions

    Hope everyone is doing well! I have a powder brown tang that has been severely stressed the past couple weeks due to aggression from tank mates nipping his tail and a recent move to a new house. He was QT’d about 6 months ago, was moved to a holding tank end of September, and then due to life...
  12. Blaise006

    Red Sea 240 gallon Moving help

    Let me start by saying thank you to anyone that can assist. So this will be a two phase request. Phase one: Aiming for 10/23. Shift the aquarium to rollers in the driveway. This is so I can access the cabinet pieces and put it together. Phase 2: Aiming for 10/23 or 10/24 If 10/23, phase 2...
  13. Blaise006

    Adding a Algae scrubber to a Reefer 900 DIY suggestions

    Hi all, Any opinions on adding a algae scrubber to this tank? I would prefer making one over paying for one, but curious what everyone might consider the best way to implement without blocking the skimmer materially.
  14. Blaise006

    9/28 6ft Tank move Foster City to San Jose

    Hi All, I am looking for help with the first move from Foster City to San Jose on the evening of 9/28. The move should take 15 mins to load, 35 mins travel, and 15 mins unload. The tank weighs ~300lbs. I am looking for three people to meet me in Foster City anytime after 6pm (whatever time we...
  15. Blaise006

    Welcome to Gran Playa Del Mar

    Welcome all to Gran Playa Del Mar!! Soon to be the home of a new five star reef attraction. Weighing close to 3,000 lbs and holding some marvelous sea critters that we have all come to love. While the tank has been ordered, I am in planning stages for this new wonderful addition to the San...
  16. Blaise006

    Large tanks and floor supports

    Hi all, Planning on installing a 240 gallon aquarium. The below is a lay out of the room the tank will go in. I estimate the tank will weigh about 2,500 lbs I believe the joists run about 12 ft. The picture of one of the joist is below . Apologies for the crude picture. Should I throw some...
  17. Blaise006

    Humidity and the sump in a small basement

    I have a new home where I would like to plumb the 70-100 gallon sump into a small basement that is only accessibly via an outside door, so airflow is a bit of a concern. The basement is about 7 ft high, 8ft x 5ft. My primary concern before I put any water down there is to ensure humidity...
  18. Blaise006

    Would love to talk to you if you are planning on purchasing a large Red Sea tank

    Hi all, If you are planning on upgrading and purchasing the tank below. I’d love to speak with you because I have one that is still wrapped in plastic.
  19. Blaise006

    ORP and CO2 Scrubber

    Any i ideas why ORP would drop like a brick after adding a scrubber to an air stone instead of a skimmer? The air stone does flow into the refugium. If that matters.
  20. Blaise006

    Buying a Condo. What would you look out for

    Hi All, The fiancée and I are putting in offers for condos (prefer houses, but this market is to rich for us to have a chance) around the peninsula. Curious what your thoughts, concerns, and questions might be or anything you wish you had determined prior to buying your own place. I would need...