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  1. mmakay

    Show me those torches (or other Euphyllia)

    I’ve had this hammer for the better part of 10 years, and it’s multiplied like crazy. We’re moving in a couple weeks, and it needs a new home(s). It’s very sad.
  2. mmakay

    Dr.Tim's Waste-Away Sludge Busting Bacteria

    On R2R Dr. Tim specifically said it was 8 strains of bacteria. Possibly other things, too, of course.
  3. mmakay


    Chaeto can also have trouble in tanks if there is too little iron. I had high nitrate and phosphate for a while and the chaeto was struggling until I started dosing iron. Now it grows like crazy.
  4. mmakay

    South Bay shop with Hanna 736 reagents?

    I need reagents for my Phosphorus ULR checker (736). Neptune had both versions of Phosphate reagents last time I looked (713 & 744) but not Phosphorus. Has anybody seen them locally?
  5. mmakay

    GHL Mitras?

    Do any of the shops in the area sell GHL? I'd like to see the Mitras LX7 in person. All the local stores seem to be almost exclusively Kessil. I've considered going with AP700's, but the Mitras get such great reviews that I wanted to check them out before buying anything.
  6. mmakay

    Kessils and Coraline growth

    If you like the extreme shimmer provided by Kessil, it will be hard to replicate with any other brand. I actually don't care for it, but like all things, tastes vary. You should have no problem with coral growth if you get the a350/a360. They are very bright, but can be dimmed. I've heard...
  7. mmakay

    Thinking about DIY LED need help + input please

    They are Carclo 3-up optics. Wide ~ 80deg Where I bought them. Actually, I don't have a recent picture of the tank, but I'll make it a point to do that in the next day or two. -Mickey
  8. mmakay

    Thinking about DIY LED need help + input please

    I have 96 Luxeon Rebels over a 48 x 24 x 24. (RB/B/NW) You can see pictures of my DIY in my Flickr album. A lot of the details are in the photo captions, but I'll happily answer questions.