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    Free corals still up for grabs

    I've been looking for a green bubble coral... interested in any digis or startburst or idaho grape monti to trade?
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    Best way to prevent vortechs from falling off

    I am using the correct spacers... the pump in question was an older style mp40 where for my thickness (3/4") you use a very thin rubber film and can see the rotating part of the motor. I might try using 4 stickers at a time + if I can find a hook for my rim secure the cord to that as well. The...
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    Best way to prevent vortechs from falling off

    A couple of weeks ago I had the wetside and dryside on one of my Mp40s randomly fall off, the dry side falling into my kalk reservoir. Luckily after a quick rinse in RODI and a rice soak for a week it's working just fine but I want a more failsafe way to keep the dryside from falling (the...
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    Mushroom cages (free)

    hey there, id be interested in 2
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    Free: ReefKeeper Lite controller

    I'm still using one of these from 2015 on my 750xxl. Quality stuff!
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    Orange (Fire and ice?) zoas

    wow that looks awesome! need to find a spot to let mine get like this!
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    Brs glitch on ghl

    like this is over half off
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    Hammer ID

    I took this pic at night. It kind of looks like its splitting into two heads? Or do wall hammers also take on this kind of shape?
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    Fragging Torch Corals - Cutting Flesh?

    I've been thinking about how to frag my gold torch too... it's up from one head last thanksgiving to 9! do you keep the whole thing underwater when using the bandsaw?
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    Pif: Idaho Grape monti, blue birdsnest, xenia, german blue digi

    I've also got this for any supporting members... its small head of bicolor branching hammer surrounded by ~30 pandoras.
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    Eric's Frag tank!!!

    whats that red and yellow chalice? also the gold one?
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    Pif: Idaho Grape monti, blue birdsnest, xenia, german blue digi

    yes, i definitely have aefw (acropora eating flatworms), though I don't think they'd lay eggs on these corals. Probably wouldn't risk it myself but thoroughly blowing off the pieces you receive should basically eliminate the risk (or doing a flatworm killing dip for even more guarantee). Also...
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    Pif: Idaho Grape monti, blue birdsnest, xenia, german blue digi

    I've got many decent sized chunks of idaho grape monti as well as @H20Playar 's blue birdsnest. Also have german blue digi from the dbtc (not technically part of the pif I guess, but it's really just tons of bits and pieces that keep getting broken off rather than well healed frags). Need to...
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    Adit's 750 xxl

    What was your tank stocking? I have a six line wrasse, cleaner & peppermint shrimp, and a lot of other fish/inverts that I think would eat them. I guess I'd need quite a few
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    Adit's 750 xxl

    Some updates... some acros are going really strong but now so are the aiptasia. I also still have aefw :mad: Toxic green acro, pink caddy (the flatworms like this one), DBTC sunset milli from @Otakuthugster, and SC orange passion from @Jonathan Chia Red Planet, Pc Rainbow, Tricolor Valida...
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    DBTC: Pink Boobies Chalice

    I've tried glueing new acros to dead colonies (after a big rtn event) and it seems like they would end up rtn'ing soon too. Maybe it's different for chalices?
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    Any black friday deals on peppermint shrimp?

    Yeah whats the rate on 50 shipped?
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    Any black friday deals on peppermint shrimp?

    Will berghia also work with potential predators (six line wrasse)? I've already thrown in 9 shrimp and I've never seen them again + aiptasia have just gotten worse. I'm not hopeful that 20 more will do the trick but I feel it might be the only option
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    Any black friday deals on peppermint shrimp?

    Title. I'm thinking I'll dump in 20 or so and maybe this time the aiptasia will be taken care of. Are there any lfs that carry peppermint shrimp with a reputation for eating aiptasia that are also having a black friday deal on them?
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    Diamond Goby.. should I get one?

    yeah mine does the same thing, every single day. except it's me vs the fish, and the territory is exactly where my chalices are :mad: