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  1. denzil

    Jawbreaker Mushrooms

    Hey everyone, it's been a while since I last posted. I've been pretty busy since my wife got pregnant and our daughter was born. We have Jawbreakers pretty much infesting our tank so I took some pictures to share here. Enjoy! At a later point in time, I'll be posting up a For Sale thread to...
  2. denzil

    Important Security Notice - Spectre/Meltdown Vulnerabilities

    Hey guys, sorry that the website had been down for a few days. It was related to the above maintenance and I wasn't able to get to looking at the issue until recently. I have been focusing on work and attending a lot of doctor's appointments so the site, unfortunately, was one of those things...
  3. denzil

    Important Security Notice - Spectre/Meltdown Vulnerabilities

    This is a heads up that there is an upcoming maintenance window to address recent security vulnerabilities revolving computer processors and their ability to read memory. Below is a message from a hosting provider that will affect the uptime of this site for the aforementioned timeline below...
  4. denzil

    XenForo 2.0.0 Now Available

    "XenForo 2.0.0 is out, stable, supported and packed with new features! As always, this major update is a free upgrade for all XenForo 1.x customers with active licenses. All our official add-ons are also now at version 2.0.0." Just wanted...
  5. denzil

    Ashburn’s not so frugal 90g

    It's extremely difficult to identify by picture of what the exact issue is. Was it absolutely clear prior to using vinegar? What brand is your display tank? Vinegar alone shouldn't cause haziness in the glass.
  6. denzil

    XenForo 2.0.0 Now Available

    Hey everyone, as of Tuesday this week, a beta version of XenForo is now available which includes the upgrade system that was previously unavailable to keep things locked down. While it would be great to get the site upgraded to the new version sooner than later, it's not necessarily a best...
  7. denzil

    Quick Links?

    Hey @kinetic, that's totally fine. This is all volunteer work anyway so we appreciate any help we can get. I did some research on you and you check out. You'll probably see a LI request from me as well. :p You should see Webmaster privs shortly. Just don't get too into it as I'm planning on...
  8. denzil

    New Sponsors and Website Display Issues

    @roostertech Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, with our current bandwidth and prioritization, we won't be able to get around to this soon but we hope to get to it eventually.
  9. denzil

    BAR Meeting Schedule for 2017

    @2manyhobbies I edited your original post so it's a little bit easier for folks to read it. :)
  10. denzil

    10g Nano

    With the current livestock that you have, I would suggest moving up to a 20 gallon at least, 40 breeder if you can swing it. The fish will start to feel crammed once they get bigger. Other than that, everything else looks good!
  11. denzil

    What You Bringing to the FRAG SWAP?!

    I'm going to be bringing some zoas and a jawbreaker mushroom. :)
  12. denzil

    BAR's New T-shirt

    Hey everyone, sorry for being MIA but I've been really busy at work and we finally found new hires to replace a couple of the colleagues that left our team. We're back to speed and looking to expand! With that said, I just put in the order for a couple t-shirt for the club to evaluate. We'll...
  13. denzil

    Hello Reefers

    Welcome to BAR! :)
  14. denzil

    Great Job on 3/26/16 Members Only Frag Swap!!

    Glad to hear the event went really well!
  15. denzil

    BAR's New T-shirt

    I'm currently working with the vendor to get some pre production samples to evaluate. I'll update you all as things move along.
  16. denzil

    speedstir magnetic stirrer!

    I actually picked one up recently but haven't had the opportunity to use it yet.
  17. denzil

    BAR's New T-shirt

    Sorry that there hasn't been a lot of progress since I last updated. Things got pretty crazy at work (still kind of is) and have been extremely busy ever since. I just updated the list for everyone that wants shirts. I'm going to try to put an order in for different colors/sizes for the club to...
  18. denzil

    DBTC: Rainbow BTA

    Such a nice nem!
  19. denzil

    Hello again BAR!

    Welcome back, Rommel! Yeah, we migrated to a different forum platform that was more responsive and more up to date than what we had before. :)
  20. denzil

    LED lighting options

    I think if you're willing to invest a decent amount of money, any of the well known lighting brands would probably work for you. I think it'll just come down to a matter of personal preference.