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    Best way to prevent vortechs from falling off

    A couple of weeks ago I had the wetside and dryside on one of my Mp40s randomly fall off, the dry side falling into my kalk reservoir. Luckily after a quick rinse in RODI and a rice soak for a week it's working just fine but I want a more failsafe way to keep the dryside from falling (the...
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    Pif: Idaho Grape monti, blue birdsnest, xenia, german blue digi

    I've got many decent sized chunks of idaho grape monti as well as @H20Playar 's blue birdsnest. Also have german blue digi from the dbtc (not technically part of the pif I guess, but it's really just tons of bits and pieces that keep getting broken off rather than well healed frags). Need to...
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    Any black friday deals on peppermint shrimp?

    Title. I'm thinking I'll dump in 20 or so and maybe this time the aiptasia will be taken care of. Are there any lfs that carry peppermint shrimp with a reputation for eating aiptasia that are also having a black friday deal on them?
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    Best way to catch a goby

    I need to get my sand sifting goby out... it is absolutely determined to dump sand on my chalices every day (and often fights back when I'm blowing it off by bringing more). How long do these live anyways?
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    Good options for 2 gallon 2-part containers

    Right now I'm using two 1 gallon jugs of distilled water with brs powder mixed in, but I want bigger containers so I have to refill them less often. I'm thinking about using those 2.5 gallon distilled water containers but would like to know if there are sturdier/more durable options that I can...
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    Hammer ID

    Got an aussie orange hammer from violet sea a few days ago. Does this look likes it's wall or branching?
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    Wtf is going on

    Looks like my blue/green pocillipora is the next victim to tissue necrosis. I thought poci's were pretty hardy? What's happening?
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    Free loose xenia

    This stuff is growing all over my back wall, happy to pull off some chunks. Pickup in Saratoga
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    Urgently need cipro tablets

    I've got 50 x 500mg arriving on Tuesday but I need to borrow some before then. I'll pay you back in tablets.
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    Brown Jelly Disease Help

    I recently lost a green torch to BJD, are there dips I can do to save my other euphylia if it spreads? Any help appreciated.
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    Pif: Pink birdsnest

    I need to trim the huge piece I got from @JVU. Pm to coordinate. I also have a couple frags of green birdsnest to spare.
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    Nudi ID

    Saw this on my glass the other night. Could it be a berghia? I've never added these to the tank though
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    Adit's 80 gallon fowlr

    I picked up an 80 gallon tank from @Arvind a few months ago, planning on turning it into a qt tank. However, I couldn't bring myself to do it. So I now have a setup I've always wanted, a fowlr. All the equipment is from past builds: Bubble Magus Curve 7, ac return pump, heater (no controller...
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    Want to borrow fish trap

    Does anyone have one I can borrow? Need to move around 4-5 fish from my DT.
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    Orange monti cap

    Got this coral from @Mozby many months ago and I broke off the original piece I got. Free to supporting members
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    Need Hanna Phosphate Reageant

    Recently got a box of reagents for the LR Phosphate checker from Amazon and have been getting 0.00 the past two days(my tank is usually stable around 0.08). I'd like to get one packet of reagent from a different batch to check if I've received a bad batch or not(alternatively if someone could...
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    Toxic Green Acro

    I can't confirm the name, that's what I bought it as. But it is definately a standout coral in person. Also very hairy. I accidentally knocked off a piece 2 weeks ago, offering it to the club. Standard DBTC rules, pass on two frags to the chain before trading/swapping. Here's an article about...
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    Hot Pink Stylocoeniella

    Have 1 frag plug ~60% encrusted. Pic is of mother colony(iphone camera can't capture the pink very much, but it's really bright!). Standard rules, pass on 2 frags before swapping/trading.
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    Random assortment of corals

    Need to clear space on my frag rack. Free big frags of green birdsnest, blue/green poccilipora, starburst monti, idaho grape monti, green paly's, and pink birdnest.
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    Red Monti

    Can make a couple nice sized pieces of this monti I have. It's red with yellow polyps, got a piece from cheedo a few months back and its grown really fast.