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  1. denzil

    Jawbreaker Mushrooms

    Hey everyone, it's been a while since I last posted. I've been pretty busy since my wife got pregnant and our daughter was born. We have Jawbreakers pretty much infesting our tank so I took some pictures to share here. Enjoy! At a later point in time, I'll be posting up a For Sale thread to...
  2. denzil

    Important Security Notice - Spectre/Meltdown Vulnerabilities

    This is a heads up that there is an upcoming maintenance window to address recent security vulnerabilities revolving computer processors and their ability to read memory. Below is a message from a hosting provider that will affect the uptime of this site for the aforementioned timeline below...
  3. denzil

    XenForo 2.0.0 Now Available

    Hey everyone, as of Tuesday this week, a beta version of XenForo is now available which includes the upgrade system that was previously unavailable to keep things locked down. While it would be great to get the site upgraded to the new version sooner than later, it's not necessarily a best...
  4. denzil

    BAR's New T-shirt

    Hello BAR! With the new design of our logo, it has been a long time waiting for t-shirts with the new logo. It's a rather simplistic design and there are several colors that the shirts can be in. If you're interested in seeing what it looks like in other colors, feel free to check out the...
  5. denzil

    [Dec 12, 2015] Speaker Event/Potluck: Rich Ross

    So in December Rich Ross, Senior Aquatic Biologist at the Steinhart Aquarium will be coming to us to give a talk! I've heard time and time again he is a prolific and entertaining speaker. We will be having a potluck right before the talk so bring your most exquisite dishes. Every year tons of...
  6. denzil

    [Nov 14, 2015] California Academy of Sciences Steinhart Tour (San Francisco, CA)

    Information Posted on 10/24/2015 Introduction Wahoo BAR is going to the Steinhart to do a Behind-the-Scenes Tour! We will be escorted below ground to see how the aquariums within the Steinhart Aquarium operate. You'll see how a professional aquarium maintains the tanks behind the front glass...
  7. denzil

    [Sep 12, 2015] Regional Frag Swap (Hayward, CA (Building 2300 Cafeteria - Parking Lot B12))

    We're excited to announce BAR's biggest event of the year, the annual Regional Frag Swap. This frag swap is open to everyone, in fact we will be encouraging people from throughout California to come swap frags. This is going to be a good one you guys! What are you bringing to the frag swap...
  8. denzil

    [Jul 11, 2015] Controlling Your Aquarium (Hayward, CA)

    Information BAR will be hosting a workshop/open forum by one of the best in the aquarium controller industry, Terence Fugazzi from Neptune Systems. Imagine this. You're going on a 3 day vacation in August and that last day turns out to be a heat wave. Your house is 100° F. Your reef tank...
  9. denzil

    [Jun 13, 2015] LFS... (Diablo Corals, Aquatic Collection, California Reef Co, Neptune Aquatics)

    Information: BAR will be doing a day tour to visit the Local Fish Stores that sponsor the club. You can do the full tour or just part of it. We will raffle off multiple giftcards at each store. Saturday, June 13, 2015 "I love doing a store run and visiting all the LFS's to see what new...
  10. denzil

    [May 9, 2015] Forum with a Reef Nutrition Expert - Culturing PODS

    Information BAR will be hosting a presentation by a reef nutrition expert covering techniques and principals of culturing pods used at a commercial reef nutrition production facility. The guest speaker will be Chad Clayton, the Live Feeds Supervisor for Reed Mariculture. As you may know, Reed...
  11. denzil

    [Mar 14, 2015] Members Frag Swap and General Membership Meeting (Hayward, CA)

    *** Please note that event details may change at any time so please check back often *** We're excited to announce BAR's Annual (Supporting) Members only frag swap in March. This event is intended to encourage the propagation, sharing, and 'backing up' of corals throughout the reefing...
  12. denzil

    [Feb 7, 2015] Fragging Workshop, Gear Swap, and Giveaway (Hayward, CA)

    Happy New Year, everyone! We will be holding our first event of 2015 with a fragging workshop for those new to the hobby or just want to learn how others frag their corals. In addition, we're also having a gear swap as well. This is an opportunity to swap some of your aquarium equipment with...
  13. denzil

    [Dec 6, 2014] End-of-the-Year Potluck with Richard Ross (Hayward, CA)

    BAR will be hosting our annual, end-of-the-year potluck with none other than Rich Ross, founder of BAR (@Thales), Senior Biologist of the Steinhart Aquarium, and MASNA Aquarist of the Year. Please take a moment to briefly read through his biography below to get to know him better before you meet...
  14. denzil

    Board of Directors - 2015

    In case for those of you who didn't get a chance to read our last meeting's minutes, we'd like to welcome our new BOD members for 2015! Effective immediately, they will also serve the remainder of the 2014 term to help with the transitional phase to next year's efforts. President: Denzil...
  15. denzil

    Vote for your date with Rich Ross!

    Hello BAR! We have some exciting events this weekend (general membership meet, BOD candidate nominations) and next month (Supporting Member mini frag swap) and are gearing up for our end-of-the-year event with Rich Ross! However, we want your input as for the date of the event. Traditionally...
  16. denzil

    [Nov 8, 2014] Members Only Mini Frag Swap (Hayward, CA)

    We're excited to announce BAR's first ever (Supporting) Members only mini frag swap in November. If you're excited about a mini frag swap but unsure of what it is, continue reading on! Mini Frag Swap format (courtesy of @rygh) with some modifications: Bring one frag (we won't discourage more...
  17. denzil

    [Oct 25, 2014] October General Membership Meet (Hayward, CA)

    Hello BAR members! It's that time of the year where our nomination committee will be presenting BOD candidates for the 2015 term. October was originally a month dedicated to BAP but with some recent club setbacks, we had decided to just postpone BAP to next year where we're better prepared to...
  18. denzil

    Any interest in a club mini frag swap?

    Hey everyone, just wanted to gauge the interest of holding a club mini frag swap in November. Anyone interested?
  19. denzil

    SoCal LFS's to Visit

    Does anyone have any stores to recommend visiting in SoCal? Brandie and I will be around the area during the weekend of the 27th for a Netflix company party so we wanted to hit up some LFS's while we're down there. Any suggestions or recommendations? :)