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  1. euod

    Purple monti cap

    I can use this. May I? Thx
  2. euod

    Free damsels

    I have been banished there. LoL
  3. euod

    GHL ion director
  4. euod

    Cali Poppy BTA (aquacultured by Aquariumtek)

    FYI no wandering and comes with attached rock
  5. euod

    Bob Fenner

    Fenner gave great fish advices. 68 is still young I think. 85-90 is the going marker now. I don't think you actually check out in your sleep. You probably get a big jolt with a lot of pain on the way out.
  6. euod

    Cali Poppy BTA (aquacultured by Aquariumtek)

    Yes, SFSUPHYSICS is the receiver. Too lazy to go anywhere now
  7. euod

    Bicolor angel picking at coral

    Biocolors are big time nipper. I have one and I no longer have any corals left, not a polyp.
  8. euod

    Let's discuss technologies most of us don't use.

    I am a fan of ozone. I use both UV and ozone together, too. Ozone is great for water clarity. I have both redsea and Poseidon but redsea is my go to unit due to efficiency. I flush it out with water to recharge the unit on a yearly basis.
  9. euod

    Still have some! Free Red Disco Mushrooms

    I think the hidden costs is $1k
  10. euod


    Xcaret You can reach out to him when he’s not taking his cars apart for fun
  11. euod

    What is it with me and car trouble...

    You can also reach out to Hifidelity, he is a VW enthusiast who can take the car apart blindfolded.
  12. euod

    Do these glass bowl nem holders really work?

    Container is meant for temporary display at show
  13. euod

    RC on sale....
  14. euod

    Featured April Tank Spotlight is The Legendary Bruce Spiegelman

    Please elaborate your triton method. A pic of your sump, too. Thx
  15. euod

    Naso Tang starving

    Worms help but my go to is flake because of long hang time, and also flooding tank with frozen food. Two weeks without eating is rough.
  16. euod

    Do your tangs attack you?

    Beautiful yellow tang. Yes, my tangs are pretty aggressive and has nothing to with being outgrown in small tank. Wear gloves to be on the safe side. But then it's a good excuse to start planning for an upgrade.
  17. euod

    Jim Stime is a good friend of mine...check out his most recent addition to LA Fish Guys

    I think I have this. You want to take a stab at getting it to work?
  18. euod

    What is this??

    I use Fritz and Vibrant. It’s not the salt. Over time it becomes nasty brown or grey salt creeping
  19. euod

    Learn from me; DO NOT ship your livestock

    Sorry to hear. I don’t dare to ship anything now. I am more inclined to blame lfs for leaked boxes and not enough heat pads
  20. euod

    What is this??

    Just salt but should clean it