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  1. fishdoctor

    Corals for sale or trades

    Hello my fellow reefers and happy Tuesday to you. I hope you’re doing OK in quarantine. If you’re looking to spruce up your tank I’ve got a pretty good selection of corals and at great prices with most in the $20-40 range. Very open to trades for Coral’s I don’t have currently. I’m located in...
  2. fishdoctor

    Free Corals

    Anybody interested in starting an invasive polyp colony coral tank? Here’s your opportunity to get started right away and grow some super invasive corals for fun. Pick up by tomorrow and these are yours. First come first served. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. fishdoctor

    Saltwater and Frozen Food Delivery through 5/3

    Hello, happy Friday to everyone I hope you’re staying safe and sane through this difficult period. Thank goodness we have Reef tanks to keep us company! I hope your family is not far away either and you stay in touch if you are not living together. Just want to let BAR members know I have been...
  4. fishdoctor

    Spring Cleaning lots of gear [emoji3541]

    Hello and happy Friday all. It’s gotten a little cluttered around here and I need to do some spring cleaning at the shop. I’ll start taking some inventory today. Here is just a small sample of what I have. 55 gallon glass tank with lids $40 30 gal plexiglass tank with lid $25 Reef Flo pump $125...
  5. fishdoctor

    Annual Pacifica Fog Fest 9/28-9/29

    Hello and happy Sunday to everyone. It’s been a while since I hosted an event at my shop and I would like to get some feedback about doing another event during fog fest. What ideas do you have that are fun and entertaining? My girlfriend is a professional face painter and can face paint fishes...
  6. fishdoctor

    Fish arriving today from SDC

    Hello and happy Thursday all. I have a shipment of fish arriving today and plan to have a few extras available in case the ones I need don’t do well. If anyone is interested in the following fish please message me. Prices for fish now and with full 4 week QT. Thanks. Clown Fairy Wrasse Tri...
  7. fishdoctor

    150 gallon home reef journal.

    After running my home reef for 10 years in one place I had to move it in August. The tank had been empty for 6 weeks while I finished my move and went to MACNA. As of today it is back in action and cycling. Tank is a 15+ year old Oceanic glass tank with dual overflows. Dimensions are...
  8. fishdoctor

    Annual Fog Fest Open House

    Coming up on September 29-30th is the annual fog fest festival in Pacifica. Live music, art and lots of craft booths along Palmetto Avenue from 10am-6pm. I will be at the shop on Saturday from 12-4pm and possibly Sunday same hours. I am planning on giving a frag/aquaculture demo if there is...
  9. fishdoctor

    Vacation help needed 9/7 - 9/10 Coastside

    Hello fellow BAR members and happy Friday to you. I am reaching out to the club to see if there any members located between Daly City and HMB that can help me feed my fish and one clients fish while I am away at MACNA for 4 days. This would be very easy for any of the members, it is only...
  10. fishdoctor

    Berghia due in next week

    Will have an extra 10 available at $15 each if picked up on Thursday or Friday of next week. Have a great day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. fishdoctor

    Livestock in stock as of 6/23/18

    Ocellaris and b/w clown $89 PJ Cardinal $39 each x3 Pink skunk $49 x4 B/W Snowflake and extreme Misbar $139 Splendid dottyback $69 Blood orange Misbar $39 Gold flake and lightning $179 Gold dot maroon $49 B/W Snowflake and Ocellaris $129 B/W Ocellaris $49 B/W Snowflake $119 Ocellaris $29 x2...
  12. fishdoctor

    Fish Doctor made it into Pacifica Magazine this month!

    Pacifica Magazine April 2018 : Hello and happy Wednesday everyone. Just wanted to share this article that was just published about my business. It's wonderful to get positive feedback about what I'm doing, as it's not always a...
  13. fishdoctor

    New website up, looking for feedback from my BAR family.

    Hello Bay Area Reefers, and happy 2018! I just launched a new website and wanted to get some feedback from this group of experienced reef keepers. What do you think so far? My goal is to keep it simple and add new products weekly. I am trying to avoid having an overwhelming amount of product on...
  14. fishdoctor

    Interested in working in the Fish Biz?

    Fish Doctor is growing in 2018 and looking to hire a service technician to help maintain and grow our service business. Our focus is on quality not quantity, with the animals best interests in mind at all times. If you have passion for marine aquariums and would like to turn that passion into a...
  15. fishdoctor

    Some huge SPS frags from Kmoore up for grabs.

    Hey reefer friends. I have some huge pieces of SPS Coral given to me by Kmoore and I'd like to share. 6-10 different acro varietys, in small, med and huge sizes. I'd like to get $20-40 per piece which are 3-6" average sizes and $60-80 for huge sized pieces 8-12"+ I have lots of small frags for...
  16. fishdoctor

    Event ideas for next hosted event at Fish Doctor in Pacifica.

    Hello and happy Turkey week all. Thanks again all who came out and supported our first BAR hosted event "fragging coral / propitiation workshop" last month. I would like to host another workshop and am open to your ideas for content. Some thoughts I have for the workshop include custom...
  17. fishdoctor

    Hello and welcome to the new Fish Doctor vendor forum.

    Thank you for the opportunity to be a sponsor to the BAR club and I look forward to meeting everyone at upcoming events. A quick bit about me, I have been in business as Fish Doctor since 2004. I offer aquarium services along the peninsula as well as a small retail shop in Pacifica and currently...