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  1. John Rillamas

    DBTC: Teal Caulastrea furcata

    Plain Jane Candy Cane. 5 frags, 4-8 polyps per frag. Mounted on discs. First pic is of Mother colony, additional pics are of available pieces.
  2. John Rillamas

    Bounce Shroom?

    SoCal LFS is selling this as a bounce shroom, is that correct? Rather interesting creature, but not like the uber bloated vesicles I’ve seen.
  3. John Rillamas

    Add on DI canisters?

    I have an RO, and I’m thinking to add a DI stage to it. Any recommendations for a set up? Is the DI just another canister, and 1/4” tubing connector after the RO?
  4. John Rillamas

    Ruby Red Dragonets do eat pellets!

    Took a couple weeks, but the pair both ate TDO ChromaBoost X-small pellets for dinner
  5. John Rillamas

    Cowries in cuc?

    I have a couple cowries, Monetaria annulus, and Monetaria moneta, in my 29gal. Has anyone kept these long term? Anyone tried other species of cowrie on a reef? I know a lot of cowries, like Cyprea tigris, are not reef safe.
  6. John Rillamas

    Lurker no more

    Greetings All, Been in and out of marine aquaria, (mostly out), since my Discosoma, Xenia, Hawaiian Dragon Moray tank in the late 80s. I’d occasionally lurk around Reef2Reef for several years. Fast forward to today, I’ve been given a 29gal Biocube, and become a Supporting Member. Guess I’m back...