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  1. phatduckk

    power outage - APEX

    +1 on the heartbeat but other products are generally faster. As much as reef beat sucks it’s pretty damn quick with notifications like that. And like @H2OPlayar said - nest is probably the fastest but not for everyone.
  2. phatduckk

    35% off Instant Ocean and free same day delivery

    Yup. Been buying some up for my QT tanks
  3. phatduckk

    How many suction cups for 48"x30"x20" tank?

    The delivery folks have never flinched when I’ve asked them to scoot it into the garage. I just tip em afterwards and they’re always cool about it
  4. phatduckk

    Arin's Reefer-S 850 Build

    Nothing exciting besides 3 InkBirds (1 BRS model, 2, I think, 306a model)
  5. phatduckk

    Arin's Reefer-S 850 Build

    I’ll text you what I’ve got sometime tonight.
  6. phatduckk

    Arin's Reefer-S 850 Build

    Tonight’s project: clean up, stash and/or sell a bunch of stuff.
  7. phatduckk

    Neptune DOS is 20% off at BRS

    Glad I was able to put mine in the garage for the new tank for this exact reason!
  8. phatduckk

    Neptune DOS is 20% off at BRS

    SKY is 25% off too - gave 2s of thought to getting one for a hypothetical coral QT I might setup some day.
  9. phatduckk

    Arin's Reefer-S 850 Build

    Alrighty - the booster pump has earned its keep. Previously making 15g of RODI took me about 105 minutes. Now with the booster running @ 85psi its down to 77 minutes... almost 30% faster. Not bad! I went ahead and updated my ATO and NSW auto-fill programming with updated time values (force...
  10. phatduckk

    Arin's Reefer-S 850 Build

    ya, exactly; just snip the end and dump it into the cuvette. maybe the foil lining thing isn't possible or too expensive in a straw shape? seems like an obvious thing to do
  11. phatduckk

    Arin's Reefer-S 850 Build

    Well, the fallow period is pretty boring but I've been taking advantage of the fishless situation to do a few things: first and foremost I bought some coral :) figured I might as well use the fallow period to serve as a coral QT (against fish parasites) I also replaced the return nozzles on the...
  12. phatduckk

    What do you do after a water change?

    My auto water change dumps outside, on the side yard where the garbage cans live. Manual water changes I just dump down the driveway. I wish it didn't kill plants but, like you, I have no idea how to repurpose the water.
  13. phatduckk

    Looking for 1” or 1.5” diamond hole saw

    @Coral reefer I have this set.... u know where I live =)
  14. phatduckk

    Arin's Reefer-S 850 Build

    Ya nest for sure has home/away assist. I have mine set to eco mode when we’re out. My eco temp “high” is 80. So worst case the AC goes on when it’s 80 in the hallway. The room the tanks in is dramatically cooler so I should be fine.
  15. phatduckk

    Fallow reset if I add dead/dry rock (like marco rocks)?

    Nope. Dead, dry, unused marco rock should be fine.
  16. phatduckk

    Eric's Frag tank!!!

    Looks awesome! Wish the kids weren’t with me today or I could stopped by.
  17. phatduckk

    Arin's Reefer-S 850 Build

    Might as well have some fun while fallow. Radion #6 is up & running thanks to @jhuynh Yes… I leveled it after I took the picture.
  18. phatduckk

    Rich's home tank

    Put it in a bucket with an LLS ;) I’m 99.36% joking but it would work. You’d need an ATO and I assume it’ll rust too
  19. phatduckk

    How do you use a Python water change system?

    I had a 20g brute on wheels that I’d siphon old water into. Then had another 20g brute with a sicce ultra zero connected to a python for filling. Once in a while I’d use the sicce & python to drain my whole sump if I wanted a bigger water change.
  20. phatduckk

    Arin's Reefer-S 850 Build

    Got ich in the tank. Boo. All fish pulled and placed in qt tanks. Much thanks to @Coral reefer for the assist