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  1. SepToob


    Swung by High Tide for the first time today and glad I did! It’s nice to have a good reef shop a bit closer than AC or Neptune. Especially one that will QT fish locally - we need to support and start ordering all of our fish at High Tide! Kenny is a cool guy and we spent a good bit of time...
  2. SepToob

    Clarisea Emergency

    My UPS shipment from BRS is of course late and MIA and we are about to go on vacation with a roll nearly empty… :oops: Does anyone know a local LFS selling filter rolls for the Clarisea SK-5000? Or anyone local willing to sell me one? We leave in the morning - TY TY!
  3. SepToob

    Derek's 108gal (525xl)

    Hello - I am new to the hobby, starting a Red Sea 170 in February when a friend from the track convinced me I needed another money-sink of a hobby. As a sidenote - if you race/track motorcycles or are thinking about it, hit me up! I have been riding for many years and this is my other hobby...
  4. SepToob

    New member in San Rafael

    Hello - I started a Reefer170 back in February, and have really fallen hard for the hobby. I just recently upgraded to a 525xl (my old stuff is in the sale forums!) and am in the process of stocking it. I did full a custom plumbing and sump and will start a build thread soon. I have a couple...