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  1. Qwiv

    Extra CUC

    I have some extra CUC due to some vendor shipping 2x-3x what I ordered for whatever reason, so have some to pass along as I don't have enough algae to support them all. Hard to estimate # I can actually catch, so have to be flexible. Snails in display are fully QT's, Some are currently in QT...
  2. Qwiv

    BRS Coupon

    Got 2 coupons in the mail use by 7/11 first come first served
  3. Qwiv

    Skimmer Opinions

    Considering upgrading my Skimmer, which I think will require I update my sump as well. The current sump is pretty well purpose built for the no longer made Bubble Magnus Skimmer I have. Skimmer Compartment has a 6 3/4" water height designed as a really short package to fit under my stand with...
  4. Qwiv

    Looking for Zoas

    Going to head to Neptunes this weekend to show my Lady the place. She knows almost nothing about the hobby and seams to like it so far, so I might as well show her a real coral place and pick up some cheap frags for the QT tank. Would totally pick up some Zoas from anyone growing them out to...
  5. Qwiv

    Hanna Nitrite Checker

    Got a Hanna Nitrite checker - No reactants (expired) for anyone that may want/need it. $10 in reactants from BRS and you are up and running.
  6. Qwiv

    QT-2 The Invert Quarantine Tank

    Got my second QT tank up and running and thought it was interesting enough to share. This will be for Inverts or a fish transfer - so no Medications in this one as opposed tot he other QT tank. I don't have an open area to just place a tank as my Office it already full to the brim with other...
  7. Qwiv

    DNA Sequencing and the Reef Tank Microbiome

    Really interesting talk by Eli Meyer who runs AquaBiomics. Been looking into this a lot since restarting the tank as LR has become so scarce (not cycled rock). This will be my first tank started with Dry Rock. Very long video and not for everyone but interesting none the less. My cliff notes...
  8. Qwiv

    60 Gal Cube Restart

    Current Tank Spec: CadLights 60 Gal Cube - Starfire Glass from the Mid 2000s Neptune Sky - Replaced AI Sol due to Aquascape Shadowing Current Neptune Apex EL 2016 - Replaces Classic as a screwed up the Firmware Trigger TRITON20C-v2 - Replaced my original Sump for more volume and deeper skimmer...
  9. Qwiv

    Qwiv's Reef Perspective

    Hi all: I have finally settled my life after a few years of moving all around the bay for work and purchased a new place in Belmont, so..... time for another big tank. Looking to probably go with a Marineland 250dd or similar custom. Still working on the proportions compared to the room it...
  10. Qwiv

    Need to buy or borrow a CO2 regulator

    I need to drop the ph of 20k gal of water at work and rigging up basically a huge ca reactor. On the hunt for a co2 regulator. Any one got one local to Oakland I can borrow or buy?
  11. Qwiv

    This just seams crazy! Thoughts?
  12. Qwiv

    Just got a Turbidimeter

    So, I just picked up a Turbidimeter for work and thought I might open the opportunity to some BAR folks for a creative and useful way to use it for the reef tanks we all love. If anyone can come up with a good idea on what I could use this for to better our reef keeping knowledge, I am open to...
  13. Qwiv

    Blue Polyp Birds Nest

    (2) Blue Polyp Birds Nest. This is very similar to the bright aqua green/blue polyp frags you see at Dolphin/Atlantis, but this is a different color. The polyps are much bluer. The picture doesn't do it justice as I have the coral in the back of the tank, but under brighter lights it...
  14. Qwiv

    War Coral

    So on the auction block – The War Coral This is a real deal strait from Matt. It is not a look alike. Requirements: You know what your doing and have a mature tank. Min 1 year. you agree to put 2 1” frags back before you trade/sell. you can pick it up from me at a my house in Palo Alto. you...