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    The GHA palace - taking care of a work tank

    Hi everyone, I recently inherited the caretaker position of a legacy reef tank in the UC Berkeley biology department. It's been running for ~15 years, and has accumulated a ton of GHA over that time. I'm currently removing as much as possible during weekly water changes, but this is doing...
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    Guppies - Please take em!

    Hi everyone, I'm planning on breaking down my balcony pond, but it contains 100's of guppies! So, I'm looking to give them all away (or for a trade, if you're feeling generous). Most of them are green/plantinum endler/guppy mixes. Pickup in albany!
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    Lemon damsel

    Hey everyone, looking to pass along one of my three lemon damsels, who is about 3". Unfortunately, the dominant male has been picking on him, and I'd rather get him to a better home. Has been disease free, but I've obtained him recently, so YMMV. The damsel I'm looking to rehome has been...
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    Sick clownfish - advice needed

    Hi everyone, Before leaving my tank for a week, my female clown was showing a ripped front/bottom fin, and a small white spot on her side. 6 days later, the fin has totally receded, showing bone, the white spot has developed into a large red smudge, and she now has some other white spots on the...
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    Free RBTA

    Hi everyone, My RBTA is rapidly outgrowing it's spot and in risk of stinging other coral (I know, y'all told me so!). I've realized that I'd rather keep other SPS/LPS in it's place. Looking to get it to a good home! It's currently got it's foot in a removable piece of rock, so I'd give you...
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    PIF: Old sand

    I inherited 5 gallons of old sand (aragonite, probs ~30 pounds) when I bought a used tank, and would like to give it to someone who can use it! Pickup in Albany.
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    PIF: Pulsing Xenia

    My first softie: Great for beginners or anyone starting a softie tank! This one is grey/purple in color. Pulses nicely in low flow. Pickup in Albany.
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    Resetting Apex JR - Anyone have a display module I could borrow?

    Recently got a used Apex JR, but frustratingly, the owner doesn't know the password. I need to reset it to link it to my Fusion account, and it seems that doing this via the display module is the most straightforward way. Does anyone have one I could borrow, by chance?
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    Alk - Soda ash dosing?

    Just received a doser and soda ash to increase my alk, since it drops from 8-7.8 dkH (right after W.C.) to 7 dKH 6-7 days post W.C. . pH consistently tests at 8-8.2. Calcium consistently tests at 1400-1500, so it seems that I need to solely elevate my alkalinity. Seems like an eventual Alk...
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    DBTC: Aiptasia eating berghia nudibranch

    The 3 Berghia I bought from saltyunderground a while ago have done a remarkable job of clearing my tank of Aiptasia. They've since bred, and I'd like to pass some along for anyone interested! It may be tricky for me to catch a consistent number, but I can likely pass 2-3 along at a time...
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    Shallow sandbed stir for cyano?

    Hi y'all, wondering whether it's considered "safe" to stir the surface of the sand bed to combat cyano. Considering doing this before water changes, and otherwise doing this in conjunction with an air stone and pump, to prevent oxygenation issues. What do you think?
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    BTA placement and care?

    Hey everyone, Curious to hear people's experiences and advice for keeping BTAs in a small-ish system (30gal) - I'd like to distract my clowns from the torch they're guesting to death, and it seems like an BTA would do (plus they're cool). Main questions: Where (flow and light wise) would the...
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    Bolick's 55gal mixed reef

    First time reefing: Aiming for an eventual mixed reef, LPS down low and "easy" SPS mid-high. Hoping to document my progress and greatly appreciate unsolicited tips! Equipment: Tank: Oceanic Biocube, 29 gal, de-rimmed Return pump: Sicce 1.5 Flow pump: 1x Jebao OW-10 Lights: AI prime HD 16 (DT)...
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    Snail identification?

    Hi everyone, recently joined the forum. Received some LPS two months ago, and I'm noticing slime nets and some type of snail on my candy cane (trumpet) coral: Can anyone identify these? This is the coral post iodine dip, after scraping excess ?snails? off the skeleton with a razor blade...
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    New reefer in Berkeley!

    Hello everyone! Recently moved to the Bay and was bit by the saltwater bug: Current 4 month old 29 gal Oceanic Biocube, modified rear for refugium lit with a A80 Tuna Sun, currently just with softies and LPS. Still in the ugly stage with cyano and beleaguered with aiptasia (currently treated...