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    Nero 3 longevity and powerhead recommendation

    Thanks. I just did. Let’s see what happens next
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    Nero 3 longevity and powerhead recommendation

    Well, my 18months old Nero 3 just bite the dust. The controller blinking red indicating something stuck but regardless of how I clean the pump , it’s still not working. Google around and apparently it’s not uncommon. Warranty is 12 months so im out of luck. Anyhow , what’s a typical lifespan of...
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    Matthew's 65g Skyward Reef

    Peroxide i think do kill algae if you use it as a dip. I'm not sure about the effectiveness. Back to your chemical warfare, i suggest do tackle one thing at a time. I had similar issue a few months back. What worked for me is blackout & UV for Dino's Cyano, wait ~1week before hitting the...
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    Earthquake San Jose?

    I’m at work. Crossing my fingers .
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    Salifert test kit gone bad?

    I have been using Salifert Cal and Mag test kit since day 1 (early 2021). Matches the last ICP test results last year. For the past 1-2 months, my Cal and Mg remains high but stable ~490 and ~1480 even with min dosing. 10mil AFR, 22mil Soda Ash, 5mil Ca and 5mg Mg. Alk stable at 8.5. I...
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    Red Sea 90 light issues

    This happens to me a few months back. I accidentally unplug the light and can’t figure out why the light is not working!
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    Parys salt adventure

    You’re likely not going to be able to keep the beta for long in 32g.
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    Any automatic feeder recommendations?

    I have been very happy with Hydros feeder. I think it’s just a rebrand eheim. Since I’m on hydros ecosystems, the having the feeder that link with rest of the devices awesome. I can turn off the pump (and stay off for 10mins) everytime the feeder activate. I’m sure Neptune have similar...
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    4yo base rock at side of house... Any good?

    Rocks don’t go bad. As long as it’s not expose to any chemicals , you should be able to rinse it well and reuse. Soak it for a day or two to be absolutely sure.
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    Rehome neon dottyback

    Claimed by @Yuklungsum
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    Rehome neon dottyback

    Adult neon dottyback. Not too aggressive for a dottyback if he is the last fish introduced. He will go after shrimps for sure. I added a handful of peppermint shrimp to take care of aptasia, so looking to rehome the dottyback. Fully QT when I got the fish 1.5 yrs ago.
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    Acans receded

    You can put them in my tank temporarily until they recover, if that helps. My acans are doing very well. You know where I live.
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    First Reefing adventure.. 65G AIO

    Short update on 10/10 Resort to chemical warfare to deal with bryopsis. Dose reef flux per instructions, and within 2 weeks no sign of any algae besides the film algae on the glass. Its pretty impressive. Minimum impact on corals and other inhabitant in the tank. Alkanity usage drop a tiny...
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    Tank Crash- heater malfunction

    Bummer. This could happen on my tank. Hmm… need to figure out a solution
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    Brightwell Aquatics, Razor Marine

    I tried both razor and clean earlier this year. The combo did a good job clearing out algae, but unfortunately not too long after I have a cyno outbreak. Haven’t used it since then. I continue to dose microbacter clean on a half dose everytime I do WC. Don’t have high expectations, but since...
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    What salt would you actually buy at High Tide?

    I should add. Kenny’s shop is too far for me (I’m in South Bay) . Unlikely i will make the drive just for salt unless I’m in the neighborhood.
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    Free Yellow Tang in Hawaii

    Soft toys?
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    Anyone on EBMUD using only carbon and DI resin to save water?

    Envy you guys with such great water . Mine is ard 300 tds. Post RO is 12
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    ATTN All Reefers - Today Oct 2...3:00pm !!

    Sorry to hear that. I have a frag from you that have double the size in the last couple of months. If you lose all your frags, I’m glad to cut you a piece.