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  1. Darkxerox

    Arvin's wife's 25g lagoon tank

    I think it would be awesome if the tanks lined up but they probably would be a huge pain to set up!
  2. Darkxerox

    Anyone have Dove or Nerite snails?

    I think @under_water_ninja carries them, maybe give High Tide a call tomorrow morning
  3. Darkxerox

    Derek's 130gal (525xl)

    I have a 400i and a 600i and agree! Super reliable and quiet skimmers. Only downside is that the 400i doesn't have the CSM neck wiper.
  4. Darkxerox

    Featured Holiday Potluck, Rich Ross talk, mini frag swap, 12/3

    Dang, my backup food was to hit your restaurant before Danh! But Chả giò or Bánh cuốn sound great.
  5. Darkxerox

    Featured Cocktails and Coral Talk at High Tide Aquatics (HTA) Sunday 12/4 featuring Matt Wandell

    Signed up! See y'all there. Will have to frag the hammers I have a bit since I'm running out of room.
  6. Darkxerox

    Matthew's 65g Skyward Reef

    In my experience they kinda default to the other food going into the tank plus most herbivores don't like "old growth" algae. Manual removal of the big patches will help. Then grab a tuxedo urchin plus trochus snails. Good herbivores will prevent it from taking hold after removal.
  7. Darkxerox

    Featured Holiday Potluck, Rich Ross talk, mini frag swap, 12/3

    Ok looks like I can go too! @H2OPlayar are you planning to have the grill going? I could bring sausages from Dittmer's to grill, or if that's a pain, I can bring another protein.
  8. Darkxerox

    Nero 3 longevity and powerhead recommendation

    The good thing is that everything is on crazy black friday sales right now. But MP10s are still about $300 plus tax. I replace my wet sides approx every 3-5 years when they get too noisy. Haven't had to replace a dry side or controller ever (oldest one is from 2010). They are sensitive to drops...
  9. Darkxerox

    Tank built

    Nicely done! Lots of flow, you planning on having the tank SPS dominated?
  10. Darkxerox

    Heater suction cups leaching?

    I've seen this happen before with old suction cups too. This is why I prefer to use a fully submersible Jager or equivalent heater since cups will always fail over time. Less soft plastic in the tank always is good.
  11. Darkxerox

    Flower patch nest

    It unfortunately bit the dust along with almost everything from the first swap until I fixed my tank's cyano/algae/TE issues, but everything since then has been great! My clowns are like clockwork too as Erin mentioned. I've never actually seen them hatch, but I'm sure they're eaten up by...
  12. Darkxerox

    Flower patch nest

    This is so much better than nuisance algae! Also if you're coming back to high tide anytime soon, I def want another frag.
  13. Darkxerox

    Anyone with experience want to try to save a couple torches?

    With such a small tank volume, it might be worth doing a couple 50% changes the next couple weeks just to reset things. If the same thing isn't working then it might be time to switch it up.
  14. Darkxerox

    Anyone with experience want to try to save a couple torches?

    I was having the same outside edge recession issue until I got back my ICP test and corrected a lot of missing trace elements. Have you tried doing a heavy series of water changes?
  15. Darkxerox

    Mangrove Care!

    From Julian's primer:
  16. Darkxerox

    Hi New Sucker from East Bay

    I've got extra Salifert Calcium and Alkalinity kits if you want them in Oakland. They're yours free if you buy something from @under_water_ninja at High Tide the same day too :)
  17. Darkxerox

    Ryan’s 40G first reef

    Cyano for sure. Raise the nitrates, add a rock with live copepods from someone or get some from Reef Nutrition. It's more unsightly than bad and low nutrients let it outcompete other things.
  18. Darkxerox

    Hi New Sucker from East Bay

    Excellent choices all around. Erin's advice for buckets on wheels is great, as are utility pumps to push water from that bucket into the tank so you don't have to lift anything. You'll find that taking the time to read up on what you need really will set you up for success! I recommend picking...
  19. Darkxerox

    Mangrove Care!

    And this is the substrate from Julian he used in those vases:
  20. Darkxerox

    Mangrove Care!

    The eBay ones are probably collected on the beach in Florida. I saw them everywhere on Marco Island this past summer. You will want to keep it in fresh water for a few days to kill off any marine pests. Julian mentions how strong light is what powers their osmotic pumps that allow them to live...