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  1. Arvin R

    Arvin's 20g IM NUVO tank transfer

    Pictures continued.
  2. Arvin R

    Arvin's 20g IM NUVO tank transfer

    Looks like this is due for an update. I removed the Kenya Tree as I was tired of always having to pick out the dropped branches. I added my huge blue finger leather awhile back too. The last 2 pictures are the same type of mushroom. (The last picture being the original coloration of what I...
  3. Arvin R

    The 225 Gal Monster

    Got my drain plumbing all cemented together. My return nozzles come in tomorrow so I can test fit and make sure I have enough clearance to easily screw them in/out as needed then I'll finish up the rest of the return plumbing. I've positioned unions so everything can come apart and only the bulk...
  4. Arvin R

    Arvin's wife's 25g lagoon tank

    I would have to build a stand for the 10g QT tank. It wouldn't be that hard but it's currently just a temporary setup sitting on top of an old corner table.
  5. Arvin R

    Arvin's wife's 25g lagoon tank

    Night time view from my bed. 10g coral QT next to the 25g lagoon.
  6. Arvin R

    Mangrove Care!

    Ty for the info and your experience!
  7. Arvin R

    Tank Breakdown, need to re-home fish

    I can take the Nassau, purple, a yellow or 2, the foxface and the anthias. I have a 6ft 225g that will have water in it within a week or 2. I have holding tanks for before that's up and running. If needed and easier for you I can take all and home them all in my tank if you want to try and keep...
  8. Arvin R

    Featured Holiday Potluck, Rich Ross talk, mini frag swap, 12/3

    Looks like I'll have to miss out on this one. Taking my family to the warriors game that day. Have fun everyone!
  9. Arvin R

    Mangrove Care!

    Just got home with mine. Going to grow them out in my fw tank for awhile then acclimate them to salt and stick them out of the overflow box of my 25g lagoon. I may end up getting another batch to grow out long term and see if I can make a mangrove aquascape biotope tank. I'll be rigging up a...
  10. Arvin R

    Arvin's 50g low boy frag tank

    Some coral in QT right now. Mummy eye chalice, rainbow chalice, rainbow tenius, acan assortment and goni assortment.
  11. Arvin R

    Coral Hobby Rookie

    PM sent
  12. Arvin R

    Coral Hobby Rookie

    I should be home tomorrow anytime after noon.
  13. Arvin R

    Coral Hobby Rookie

    If you can make it out to Castro Valley, I've got a starter coral pack free for any new supporting members!
  14. Arvin R

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  15. Arvin R

    Flower patch nest

    I'd love a frag of this once you have some available!
  16. Arvin R

    Tank built

    Drilling glass isn't too hard if you have steady hands. I use my IM drip acclimation and a water res and setup a drip to keep the glass/bit wet. Slow drill speed and very low pressure. Unless you're talking about his plexi lid, that's some good work there!
  17. Arvin R

    Ashburn’s RSR170 build

    Yea that part sure. I guess I was referencing more toward there are ways you can run a big tank and not have to do a water change. Or do one very rarely.
  18. Arvin R

    Free Orange Oxides

    Pretty sure I'll have plenty left. @tankguy not sure if you can change the thread title to orange oxides or if an @admin needs to.
  19. Arvin R

    Free Orange Oxides

    Right. Just looked it up. They're solid orange centers. These are nicer imo!