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  1. Yippee

    Josh and Tiffany's RSR 250

    Willing to house your chalice if it continues to degrade. I can put it in my frag sump or display.
  2. Yippee

    Fall CFM is September 18

    I have not seen this mentioned, but I believe @Chromis has a booth at the CFM.
  3. Yippee

    Big Fan of Separate DI Resins

    Hi Maureen, I believe the sensor on the anion is on the output side. My anion looks like it will last for some time.
  4. Yippee

    Brs dosing pump and wifi smart outlet...

    I thought if you lose power on the bluetooth model it will reset it's clock to zero. Maybe not a big issue since it seems (not sure about this) the schedule continues to run on the reset time.
  5. Yippee

    Brs dosing pump and wifi smart outlet...

    Memory issue?
  6. Yippee

    Salinity Hanna checker

    You should test out of a cup to eliminate the flow. It will stabilize in a few seconds. I believe the particles moving in solution tends to cause the erratic reading especially in a fresh salt water mix. I too was ready to junk it, now my Milwaukee sits as a reference.
  7. Yippee

    Bobs 180 Reborn

    I have a frag of rainbow echinata if you are interested. Still have your Tropic Thunder.
  8. Yippee

    OMG. Part 1

    I can't believe this story got better. So after looking at these pictures about 10 times, I was wondering what percentage morphed to the 2nd stage?
  9. Yippee

    Pink Nephthea?

    Maybe Koji Wada? Unique Corals usually has these and had them during their last sale.
  10. Yippee

    OMG. Part 1

    After a tank crash, I was left with a coral that had 4 eyes with no tissue separating each eye. The piece was no more 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch. I believed It to be an older type of Mummy Eye. Desperate to try and save it, I asked @Chromis to take 1 eye which was 1/4 of the square. Here is my...
  11. Yippee

    Jawbreaker’s colors

    I have had mine for 5 years, maybe longer. It did not do well in my smaller tank due to poor water quality. I have been feeding it and the family Fauna Marin LPS Growth + Color several times per week. These mushrooms survived a really bad crash a year ago so they are almost indestructible...
  12. Yippee

    Blue/yellow Yuma

    I have a Yuma that I could swap with you. Rather than a freebie, you will get something in return.
  13. Yippee

    Tunze ATO

    Loose sensor, not perpendicular to the water surface?
  14. Yippee

    Adding Ocean Revive 247 to RSM 130

    I am not sure, but I would guess to much detritus in the system.
  15. Yippee

    Adding Ocean Revive 247 to RSM 130

    I would guess poor water quality. Zoanthids dying.....they can take low light to very high light. I did weekly 5 gallon water changes on my 28 gallon and it still declined over 4 years. The chalices started bleaching/shrinking and dying. My vibrant yellow frogspawn started to pale...
  16. Yippee

    My 210 restart.

    How is the noise level at 100% in various modes?
  17. Yippee

    Chromis’s 90g Acropora tank

    Can you refresh my memory on the name of the two large rainbow chalices. Are you target feeding them? Can't wait to see what the bambinos look like in 6 months.
  18. Yippee

    Reefer 170 reborn

    Your pumps will accumulate algae which will attract the blenny to go inside the pump. Be sure to check your pumps before you turn them on after maintenance or feeding. The MP 10 has a slow speed feed mode setting that might keep the blenny out. I lost mine that way and would hate to see...