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    Misc supplies

    They're yours. If you wanted to do that, it would be super helpful. I have a ton of stuff to take care of for the move.
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    Misc supplies

    In the inner richmond in SF
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    Misc supplies

    Hey I’m moving in a couple of weeks and have a bunch of small stuff up for grabs. Two small power heads with controllers Feeding tube Hydrometer Auto feeder Siphon Brute can Two buckets w two biggish rocks Kh test kit Bucket of Red Sea salt Fluval iodine Kent a + b Kalswater...
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    DBTC: Green torch

    Thank you!
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    DBTC: Candy Crush Jawbreaker Mushrooms

    I’d love to get a frag
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    Free 90 gal and sump

    It’s gone
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    Free 90 gal and sump

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    Free 90 gal and sump

    This is in the sunset. You’d have to take both, I’ve got a bunch of people from cl interested but it’s yours if you want them both. I can measure next time but probably 24”
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    Free 90 gal and sump

    I have this tank available if anyone is interested in it. 90 gal and about a 50 gal sump. Needs cleaning once we remove it. The display is drilled on the bottom
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    Space invader chalice

    This chunk fell off, up for grabs if anyone wants to try it out. Probably 1.5”x1.5”
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    Apex Classic with EB8 and temp probe

    I’m def interested in being included in this for the hooper tank!
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    DBTC: Flame tip goni

    I’d like one if it’s ever available
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    DBTC: Green torch

    I’m interested in one!
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    Happy Hour @ Seven Stills 100 Hooper 5pm Friday Dec 10, 2021

    Great, I just reserved the big table near the fish tank for us. Can we get an estimated guest count going so I can see if we’ll need more room than the 10 top?
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    Happy Hour @ Seven Stills 100 Hooper 5pm Friday Dec 10, 2021

    Damn! I’m going to be in San Diego that day. Happy to host you guys unless y’all want to reschedule for the following Friday?
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    40 gal stand

    Anyone need this? I can bring it today to the swap
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    Free sump

    I’ve got this nice sump with baffolds up for grabs from my 40 gallon breeder
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    120x36x36 build

    Do it! Text me when u want to come by, the cube is running strong too as the fowlr
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    Free Peppermint Shrimp all gone

    I could def use one