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  1. Hamada

    Reefer-owned restaurants in the bay?

    I'm also offering 10% off for supporting members! Just mention you're a BAR supporting member if I'm not there and you get 10% off
  2. Hamada

    Lf AIO 25-30g tank

    Thank you!! Will take this from ya!
  3. Hamada

    Lf AIO 25-30g tank

    Looking for a 25 to 30 gallon all in one tank for a friend that's just getting into the hobby. If anyone has one laying around would be much appreciated. Will convince him to join the club once he has things settled. He currently has a 20g tall with a hang on the back filter.
  4. Hamada

    Ofzakaria green slimer

    How do I do that
  5. Hamada

    Ofzakaria green slimer

  6. Hamada

    It’s official!! I am now a certified quarantine vendor on humblefish!!

    Ayeeee! Let's gooo!! Congrats Kenny!
  7. Hamada

    BRS $10 coupons

    DM for code
  8. Hamada

    Heater suction cups leaching?

    It's been about a year and a few months of running x2 300w heaters and I decided to swap them out for some brs heaters. While cleaning the 2 heaters under the sink I noticed 4 suctioncup holders kept leaching out and making a mess, both are 2 different heaters and 2 different types of suction...
  9. Hamada

    LSM Lunar Simulator Module (White Lights?)

    I went ahead and ordered 6 of them to play around with. Also ordered this via Amazon. TrueLumen 3-Way Splitter Cable
  10. Hamada

    LSM Lunar Simulator Module (White Lights?)

    Can this be connected to a LSM?
  11. Hamada

    2 rbta in sf

    If they're still available by 5ish I'll pick them up and toss them in my restaurant tank
  12. Hamada

    LSM Lunar Simulator Module (White Lights?)

    It's very esthetically pleasing, get to see corals under a more natural light for a different perspective. Nope, my light schedule is 4pm to 3am. When I see my nano with bright moonlights on, it's just a reminder that there's a full moon or close to a full moon outside, so I go snap a pic of...
  13. Hamada

    Neptune Reagents vs ABC Reagents

    I've been using ABC reagents for about 4months now, they work great. They come with calibration solution. You need to empty the ABC reagents into the trident containers. Another + besides the low cost is High Tide Aquatics @under_water_ninja will have them for sale.
  14. Hamada

    LSM Lunar Simulator Module (White Lights?)

    Looking into buying a LSM module and adding a lunar cycle to my tank, although I do not like the Neptune string lights as they use blue light and isn't really a (moonlight). Anyone know how to add DIY lights or modify the neptune LED strip light to make them white? I have a AI-Hydra 32 over a...
  15. Hamada

    Cocktails and Coral Talk at High Tide Aquatics (HTA) Sun 11/6

    Such an amazing event!! Was really fun to talk reef with like minded people, the talk @Thales gave was awesome. Cant wait for the next one!
  16. Hamada

    Monthly Cocktail and Coral talk at HTA

    This sounds amazing, I'll definitely attend and help out. Mondays work great for me, Sundays I'm available every other sunday.
  17. Hamada

    Trident on sale today at BRS

    Ever since I got my trident I use my reefbot to test for po4/no3 works great, trying to sorce idione test kit that's compatible with th reefbot is tough.