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  1. jestersix

    Special Request for CFM 2020?

    Whatever the $20 will buy me, maybe mix in a little of something else. Those dumplings are my favorite, but a little variety won't hurt!
  2. jestersix

    Special Request for CFM 2020?

    $20 for a dozen (the molds make 12 at a time) want plastic toothpicks, correct? Brilliant idea, BTW! Payment in dumplings is perfect...
  3. jestersix

    Master Emaco

    I do have kits, but shipping is horrible. Really depends on how much you need. I'm up in the Bay fairly often, and happy to drop off...
  4. jestersix

    After Show 'Scape Specials

    Shoot me a PM, would love to see pics of your 'scape...
  5. jestersix

    After Show 'Scape Specials

    Sorry folks - I stopped using Photobucket way back - just never went back and made changes to old threads. If you have questions, shoot me a PM and I'll be happy to work with you.
  6. jestersix

    Ever see something on Diver's Den....

    Awesome fish...I had one way back that ate frozen foods and lived for about 4 years, sadly lost in a tank crash. From DD I'm thinking it will be fine.
  7. jestersix

    Tank Journal : Converting Fresh water to a Saltwater Tank

    Just a note - you really should add Acryl 660 to the N427. It helps it stick and gives some flex in the process. N427 will work solo, but on larger projects in general the A660 really helps.
  8. jestersix

    Magnetic Reef Shelfs

    Always happy to create something special for BAR members...
  9. jestersix

    I'd ask my friends to come and see, An Anemone garden with me...

    I didn't care - had enough slits that there were always some on the walls and easy to remove...
  10. jestersix

    I'd ask my friends to come and see, An Anemone garden with me...

    Actually I did have some rock work in there - the stock tank was pretty tall and I wanted to use that open water space and built structures to allow the nems to move up into the water column. I did vacuum the tank a couple times a week...
  11. jestersix

    I'd ask my friends to come and see, An Anemone garden with me...

    Quick note on Protein Skimmer in nem tanks - I ran a 100 gallon stock tank full of nems (had about 50 in there when the tank came down) with no skimmer for over 3 years. Only fish were a pair of perculas, so that may have helped. Did 20% water change every two weeks.
  12. jestersix

    New store opens today!

    I'll add a bit as a Sponsor (especially since I'm an out of town guy with no Brick & Mortar). BAR was really a big factor in jestersix getting off the ground, and we navigated my unusual position over time. Times and people have changed - when I started my involvement with BAR, Forums were the...
  13. jestersix

    Cement for aquascaping Q

    The Portland Hydraulic Cement is not the stuff you want - it will eventually break down in saltwater. I use MasterEmaco N427 with Acryl 660 mixed - this is the magic stuff. You can buy small quantities from Marc at Marco Rock online, he sells as EMarco 400...
  14. jestersix

    [Aug 5, 2017] Silicon Valley Coral Farmers Market (Saratoga, CA)

    I was lucky, youngest son's wedding was the 15th. Whew! Especially since I had already paid for my table... Bruce - hope the wedding is amazing - sure it will be. Hope to see a bunch of BAR folks, stop by and say Howdy...
  15. jestersix

    Regional Frag Swap Sept 16th

    Jestersix can be there if interested as well...
  16. jestersix

    Coral Farmers Market Feb 11th

    Thanks to all the BAR members that stopped by the booth. The show had more turn out than expected, almost double. Hot inside when the morning rush happened? Yup! Next one will be much better - I'm already planning a booth and think it will be a great event. Some of those high end pieces make...
  17. jestersix

    Coral farmers market?

    I'll have a booth at the Farmers Market - stop by and say howdy!
  18. jestersix

    My First Reef: Redsea 525XL

    Tank is looking sweet - enjoying the progress...
  19. jestersix

    Rock structure building

    Looking at the Emaco seams, it was mixed really wet for sure! That wet and at those temps would probably need at least 90 minutes to cure, maybe more. Once it cures, should be solid! As I said, if anyone wants to chat about using Emaco - shoot me a PM. I'm doing a dozen or so small to large...