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  1. joshness

    Break in at Cali Kid

    Just saw the news that someone broke in and stole money and lights. This sucks that they targeted you guys as you're one of the few LFS in our area. Hopefully you'll see some increase in sales as the community responds to help out.
  2. joshness

    Aggressive Coral Banded Shrimp - Free

    I can't imagine who else would take a munch out of a fin at night. Unless it's my emerald crab. I do have 2 clowns, banghai cardinal, and a mandarin dragonnet. I have seen the shrimp take swipes during the day at the wrasse. and I know this wrasse sleeps wedged in between the rocks. Unless...
  3. joshness

    Aggressive Coral Banded Shrimp - Free

    Looking to offload this little bastard. I believe he's responsible for at least 2 deaths of my wrasse. I haven't caught him, But today I see my McCosker's with a big chunk of his tail fin missing when he looked fine yesterday. I'm out in Antioch. So I'd like to see if anyone wants him otherwise...
  4. joshness

    Tridacna Clam Care Squamosa or Maxima

    I just picked one up from CFM, Mine is about 3 inches. Waiting to get a clam holder in. I had it on the lower rock but it either moved or a snail/urchin knocked it over into the sand. I'm currently waiting for a clam holder to come in so i put it temporarily in the sand. Is feeding it phyto...
  5. joshness

    Hanna curvette auto-mixer

    Add this to the long list of projects I want to get to. Do you have instructions to make this?
  6. joshness

    Farallon Island Trip

    Years back I did the trip with my family (forgot what organization, but they were delivering supplies for the research station). If you get sea sick, this will be tough, even with dramamine, If you are okay with that, it is beautiful and is well worth the time.
  7. joshness

    CFM!!! Thank you to the volunteers and anyone who stopped by to chat!!!

    Yeah that's where I got my gold torch. Can't wait to see how it does.
  8. joshness

    CFM!!! Thank you to the volunteers and anyone who stopped by to chat!!!

    picked up a NY Knicks torch, some unidentified indo gold torch, some type of digi, a firework clove, and a maxima clam. First time going to CFM and didn't realize the prices would be that good. I was expecting to see 500+ torches and nothing but expensive corals with fancy names.
  9. joshness

    Thank you

    It was an awesome event and everything you had planned went well! Even though it rained on and off it didn't hamper the event, you can control the rain right? I guess if I had to really nitpick, a covered area for the ones announcing the groupings? I felt a bit bad they were standing out there...
  10. joshness

    9/18/22 (Sun) Open Regional Frag Swap at Cali Kid Corals in Concord

    Just wanted to say thank you to Calikid and to the BAR organizers and volunteers. This was my first frag swap and had a really great time. It is even wife and kid approved! Thank you for such a family friendly event and everyone was very friendly. I look forward to more BAR events in the future.
  11. joshness

    FREE corals (Fully claimed)

    No worries much appreciated!
  12. joshness

    FREE corals (Fully claimed)

    Will you be attending the frag swap next week?
  13. joshness

    PSA: heatwave and pge shutdown

    I have to thank this thread for saving my butt. When I saw this thread it made me go order a battery air pump which came in on Monday. Well last night we lost power and it had me scrambling to get that air pump up and running. Stupidly, I forgot to charge the thing. Luckily I have some power...
  14. joshness

    Nero 3 Died Need Alternative

    So luckily, I was able to get a receipt for the Nero from the person I bought my tank from and AI is going to be replacing it for free even though it is out of warranty. I have no clue when it's going to ship or when I'll receive it (still waiting for shipping information). Now I just need a...
  15. joshness

    Nero 3 Died Need Alternative

    I tried it, but it doesn't even spin with the front cage on. I tried lubing the spinning parts and while slightly better it stopped after 3 rotations. That would be awesome. Please let me know, if that's the case it buys me more time in getting something that may take awhile to ship.
  16. joshness

    Nero 3 Died Need Alternative

    Thanks for the kind offer, again I'm all the way in Antioch and do work in Dublin tomorrow. So distance to travel is limited to me until the weekend. So, I'll see where I land in a day or so when I hear back from AI. Maybe I can convince my wife we to go out to tunnel tops again with the...
  17. joshness

    Nero 3 Died Need Alternative

    Thank you for the kind offer, if you were closer to me I wouldn't hesitate. Antioch to Sunnyvale is a bit of a drive. I'm starting to lean towards the mlw-20.
  18. joshness

    Nero 3 Died Need Alternative

    @rdriggett If only I could wait a whole month to get it. I've already had issues with the nero 3 for the last week in a half. It just finally died completely yesterday.
  19. joshness

    Nero 3 Died Need Alternative

    Hmm, now you have me looking at the MLW-20 (closest equivalent to a nero3) or the SLW-20. SLW-20 is only $60 but wifi connectivity does spoil me. @rdriggett How do you like the pattern on the MLW's? Any experience versus a Nero?