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  1. Arvind

    Clownfish pairing question...

    Sorry if this has been asked before. Curious question. Can a pair of clowns- if taken out of current tank and placed into a tank with hundreds of clowns, find each other and pair up again? In other words, is bonding/pairing for life or is it just circumstantial? Married for life?? Curious to...
  2. Arvind

    Help with identifying what the heck this is....

    Today in my fish less tank I see this snail like creature. I took some pics, went to make coffee and it was gone! Nothing living in this tank since my Velvet outbreak a year ago! just corals. Looks like a Turbo snail without a shell? Or something more sinister??? Help!
  3. Arvind

    Is this normal ?

    My New bta foot is stretched on both sides like crazy. It’s new. Is this new nem behavior? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Arvind

    Opinion needed- Gold Stripe Maroon clownfish vs Gold Nugget

    Im just curious what fellow reefers think... Which would you chose and why? I like both, and am considering getting one, but torn between the 2. I know its essentially the same fish, but wanted to get thoughts about which you would chose and why? Thanks! AA
  5. Arvind

    marine velevet!!!!!!!!! Crap

    So, I have been reefing low key for about 2 years. Had Ich on a few fish, most survived, lost a few like most of us. I am now dealing with something I never knew was so horrible. Marine Velvet. It is my fault, I did not QT some new fish I bought over the last 2 weeks. I noticed 2 died...
  6. Arvind

    Purple tang

    Purple tangs are some vicious [emoji226] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Arvind

    help? Nitrates are dissapearing while im cycling

    Hi all Please do not flame me. I am having an issue with cycling my tank I just got. It is a 75 gallon bowfront with a sump that holds about 15 gals. So 90 total. When I started 2 weeks ago, I added live sand , some dry rock and some live rock (about 20lbs). Total lbs of rock is about 50. I...
  8. Arvind

    going price for a male flame wrasse?

    Hi all I have a harem of flame wrasse. I originally had one male and 2 female. Now I ended up with 3 males. Ive seen these going for over 300 at Neptune! Ive seen online prices drop some over the last 6 months what would be a good price to sell one of these? the largest is almost 4 inches...
  9. Arvind

    Ideas for mounting kessil 360's on a Truvu

    Hi all Matt hooked me up with a sweet 75 Gallon Bowfront Truvu Acrylic tank. I would like to see if I could somehow mount my kessils onto it, and not use the canopy. Has anyone done this before? Its mostly closed top and I cannot tighten the mounting arms onto anything . Anyone have a creative...
  10. Arvind

    Fumigation help

    So the house owe are renting is getting fumigated and I just heard that I need to move my fish out !Has anybody have any experience with this situation ?if I need to move them out I don’t know what to do! Is there such thing as a temporary fish hotel or place that would haul my fish for a...
  11. Arvind

    Auto fish feeder

    Hi everyone Does anyone know a good auto fish feeder? I’m going out of town and need to get one set up. The eheim one seems to have good reviews. Any Recs? Ideas? Thx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Arvind

    Help !?

    Amigos I noticed by purple tang I got from ed in San Jose is beginning to show a blister or wound of some sort near its eye. It’s eating well and seems to swim fine. Is this hole in the head or something else? I’ve got my biocube set up in the garage to quarantine if I have to. Not sure what to...
  13. Arvind

    Help. Do I need to install the ball valve?

    Hey everybody yesterday I bought a phosban 550 media reactor and was very eager to hook it up. I’m using it as a chaeto reactor so I got it all set up and it’s working and pumping fine but my mp1200 pump pumps at a higher rate than what is recommended in the instruction manual for the Phosban...
  14. Arvind

    Chaeto reactor

    Hi I have a innovative marine 50 and I’m thinking about getting a external chaeto reactor does anybody have any experience with this? Innovative marine does have videos where you can add Chaeto to your media basket but you have to cut away the backing of your tank and install a light there I’m...
  15. Arvind

    Trick to keeping Aussie gold torch?

    Aloha hi everyone I wanted to know what’s the key to keeping an Australian gold torch alive I have lost two of them in the past and it’s been an expensive loss for me I’m interested in doing it again as that is my favorite torch can somebody shed light on what’s needed to keep them alive...
  16. Arvind

    Crazy clownfish

    Well I’ve heard of clownfish moving coral and today I saw it happen 2 times. I bought a monti about 5 inches and placed it near their anemones. Watching from upstairs I saw the clown get under the monti and push it over. It’s not glued yet my glue is arriving tomorrow. The second time it pushed...
  17. Arvind

    Did I miss my cycle?

    Aloha BAR friends, Happy Friday. I have been cycling my new IM 50 for close to 3 weeks now. I added new live sand, 40 lbs of dry rock, saltwater from Neptune, bottled live bacteria, old media sock from my cycled IM20, and some small live rock from that tank as well. Ive been ghost feeding...
  18. Arvind

    Pump tubing issue! Funny

    Hi everybody I am somewhat of an amateur here so I have my innovative marine 50 tank that cycling right now but the pump is a little loud so I went on eBay and bought a sicce 2.0 pump used. Silent and more flow right? Well it arrived today and I disassembled the stock pump put the tubing into...
  19. Arvind

    Media Reactor for IM 50?

    Hi all Just setting up my new IM 50. It is cycling now. I am interested in using a media reactor after the tank is cycled and running. Never used one before. I read reviews on the IM branded Aquagadget device that fits IM tanks and that reactor has so so reviews. The IM 50 is an AIO with sump...
  20. Arvind

    50 gallon IM lighting

    Hi everybody just got my hands on a 50 gallon innovative marine I was planning on using three 160s on it for lighting but does anybody else have any ideas I cannot afford an ap700. Thx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk