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  1. RandyC

    PSA: PG&E warns of potential planned outage Wednesday (10/23)

    If that last one didn’t teach you to get ready for power outages, maybe this one will! Not as many customers affected (potential of 209,000 this time), but no less telling what is to come in the future for us PG&E customers. We might need a dedicated forum to announce these outages! ;)...
  2. RandyC

    Original Mummy Eye Chalice

    Looking to reclaim some space in my Reefer 250, so I’m planning on returning the entire piece back into the DBTC pool. It’s a little bigger than 4x4” and will cut it up depending on how many members are interested in joining the DBTC (up to 4). I'll keep this open until Wednesday night, then...
  3. RandyC

    Velvet questions

    If you're going fallow, you'll need to take them out. Need to remove the food source for the parasite. Minimum fallow period for Velvet recommended is 6 weeks. Recommended fallow duration for ich is 76 days.
  4. RandyC

    Corral Feeding Producsts/Schedule?

    There’s already another thread on this: Reef Chili and Reef Roids are the two that were actually studied in the past and have shown growth in a few specific species. Here’s the study...
  5. RandyC

    WTB: Neptune Solenoid Valve (1/4”) [More interesting title: ATO siphon issue]

    Float valve will stop the flow of water, but it won’t stop the siphon. While it lessens the chances of water dumping into sump, if a snail or algae or the valve gets stuck for another reason, you will have the same problem occur. The ATK (I’m assuming that’s what you got) ships with a siphon...
  6. RandyC

    WTB: Neptune Solenoid Valve (1/4”) [More interesting title: ATO siphon issue]

    why not just create a siphon break? Or mount a 1/2” pvc pipe or tube above the sump and have the output of the ATO go into that?
  7. RandyC

    DBTC: Palau Nephthea

    What happened to the old DBTC piece? Did it die or did you pass it along to another member?
  8. RandyC

    Rygh's 250 gallon - Rev 3

    Yeah, but I don't pay $73 bucket. Even AC sells it for $60-65 a bucket I think. Tropic Marin at BRS is 99.88 a bucket now (don't know who sells it locally).
  9. RandyC

    Rygh's 250 gallon - Rev 3

    I've thought about trying and switching to Tropic Marin Pro, but I just can't justify the cost. It's 1.75-2x the cost and I doubt my coral would be in that much better shape if I switched. I need to patent my Red Sea Blue Bucket mixing technique since I don't get any residue. ;)
  10. RandyC

    Rygh's 250 gallon - Rev 3

    you’re just bad at mixing salt. ;) blue bucket has stayed pretty clean for me. Before I upsized my brute bucket, I don't think I cleaned my mixing bucket for 6 months and never even got a film or residue of any sort. RC and Fritz were dirty as heck for me though in the same bucket and same...
  11. RandyC

    Rygh's 250 gallon - Rev 3

    Interesting, I use blue bucket too and I just tested a batch that’s been sitting mixed for a week (maybe week and a half) and alk was still at 7.7dKh. It’s been rock solid for me now going on 9-10 months I think. fritz and IO/RC were awful for me.
  12. RandyC

    Bonus/Ultra LPS and Softies List for Member Swap

    I didn’t know I became a coral bonus judge. Does it come with benefits? Medical, dental, vision? Is there a pension? If I’m a judge, I would vote “nay.” A sort-of-LFS (Roseville) has frags of this for pretty inexpensive. And if they're discounting it by 66%, they either have a lot or can't...
  13. RandyC

    BRS co2 scrubber worked brilliantly.

    Well, if anyone is planning to install an UV unit on an established system, we should get them to test PAR levels before and then a week or two after.
  14. RandyC

    BRS co2 scrubber worked brilliantly.

    It does, but if I'm right and more light can penetrate throughout the entire tank, then you should have more photosynthesis going on because more light is getting to the entirety of the tank instead of being blocked by a layer of algae near the water surface. Or I'm just full of poop.
  15. RandyC

    BRS co2 scrubber worked brilliantly.

    I would guees photosynthesis. UV cleared up the water Allowing more light to penetrate through and increased PAR.
  16. RandyC

    Generators ( which one to buy )

    The Champion has an "Eco Mode" you can turn on so if it detects a lower power load, it'll throttle the engine back and be quite a bit quieter and save some fuel. I've never heard the Honda eu2000i so I couldn't comment on the noise comparison.
  17. RandyC

    Generators ( which one to buy )

    This is the one that I got Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator with Electric Start Good things - It's pretty quiet for a generator (one neighbor didn't wake up when I started it and slept through the night, the other didn't even know I had a generator going) -...
  18. RandyC

    Waterbox 80.4 frag build thread

    In that particular location without relocating your outlets, it's a bad idea. Salt spray will very likely corrode your outlets. And most importantly, it's a safety issue.
  19. RandyC

    PSA: PG&E announces potential for blackouts due to high winds for Bay Area and Central Valley

    WOOT! My 19.5 hours of reef keeping pain is over!