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    DBTC: Mystic Zoas

    It has 9 heads on it now from the 4 it had when I got it.
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    32 bowfront tank

    Was used for an Oscar that outgrew it. If anyone wants it before I toss it in the garbage. Located in Santa Cruz. Can possibly meet up over the hill.
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    Microbacter Clean (AMZN PRICE ERROR?)

    Thanks for the heads up. Just got myself some.
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    Corals right away :)

    awesome thank you..
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    Corals right away :)

    How is it going Scott? I would love some of your coral. I could pick up on Wednesday around 12-2 as ill be driving through the area working. I would take it home after meeting with you. I could give some coffee to you in return.
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    Free Pistol Shimp

    I would be able to take the pistol shrimp. ill be in the area on Saturday working 12-5 I could pick it up afterward if its still available and your available at that time/
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    Tired of accidently killing critters? Want to hunt urchins? Are you scuba certified?

    Yes a fishing license is required. Also I didn't know you dove. I would be down to go dive, let me know. @JVU From first hand experience I've never noticed a difference in taste. What I do notice is the amount of gonads that you would typically find in purple urchins is exactly like you say...
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    I have some now that I can give away as well that came from @H2OPlayar However I am a nice drive over the hill to Santa Cruz.
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    Glass tank move April 9 Boulder Creek

    It is on Saturday April 9th i thought.
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    Glass tank move April 9 Boulder Creek

    I should be able to help. I'm located here in SC
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    Mystic monti

    I'm not to sure, other coral I brought home and treated the same survived. those were actually two of the only pieces I didn't have survive. The spongodes looked pretty rough by the time I got home. i then dipped and put them in my observation tank. They died pretty quickly. I just never got...
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    3/20/22 Frag swap volunteer thread

    I can’t make it after all as I have to now work.
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    2/26 (Sat) 1pm Fragging workshop @Fish Doctor, Pacifica

    Also I pierced the toadstool and put a toothpick through it that I glued to a disk. However I noticed it floated away. Should I have left the toothpick its full size? I cut it smaller, maybe too small.
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    2/26 (Sat) 1pm Fragging workshop @Fish Doctor, Pacifica

    Yes I did. I have been busy and haven't had time to get pictures of things in the tank. I will try and do that later today and post pics. Not everything I brought home survived. Its surprised me a bit as it was the mystic sunset monti and the spongodes I got as well as 1 other I don't remember...
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    3/20 Frag Swap - newbie frag request/donations here

    Ill be there supporting the frag swap as I don't have any I can contribute. Would love anything thrown my way ^_^
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    3/20/22 Frag swap volunteer thread

    I am available to help in any capacity as long as needed.
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    IM Nuvo 20 bedroom tank

    This tank was restarted in August 2019 when I moved apartments. At the moment it only has 1 misbar clown it in it with some hermits. I need to get some more snails for it. It originally was my going to be anemone/softy tank as it would require less maintenance. Life has happened and it was more...
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    BAR stickers are here!!!

    Do it like you would any other service, material cost + labor to make + expenses. If it's your hobby, could reduce expense cost and just material cost and what your time is worth to make however many you make. I don't think people are going to be cheap and want to pay you nothing for your time...
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    Getting back into the swing of things

    Hi my name is Kevin and I have been reefing for the last four years. I have had thriving tanks before, but when I moved to my newest place things just havent been great for me tank wise. I also have worked as an aquarist in Santa Cruz at the Seymour Mrince Discovery Center. nIve had my 39g cad...