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    Fish ID help… type of wrasse…

    I got a fish trap box if you need to borrow, live in Pleasant Hill and work in Oakland.
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    Giveaway time!!!! Hanna HI98319

    I am in. Thanks for doing this!
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    EV Charger Question

    That Zinsco panel is a fire hazard, they are notorious for breakers not tripping. Consider getting it replaced ASAP. I have installed quite a few 50A circuits for chargers, and recently I suggested using the "dryer buddy" for someone who rented a house and did not want to spend the money on...
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    Apex help!!!!

    if its the power supply board that blew up in your eb832, I bought extras a few months ago and have them here at my house, I will give you one free.
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    free RBTA

    picked up today...
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    free RBTA

    I don't know if this is a recent split, or just one of my RBTA's moved off the rock onto the glass so I scraped him/her/it off and whomever wants to come pick it up is welcome to it! I'm located just down the street from Diablo Corals next to Kohl's shopping center in Pleasant Hill It is about...
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    1st visit to High Tide

    Wanted to BUMP this post for High Tide. I work for the City of Oakland, and I needed to get out of the office and grab lunch today. Felt like a sandwich day, so Yelp was my friend....I bought an AWESOME sandwich at "The Saint Sandwich Shop" just a block or two away from High anybody...
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    Getting Wrasse to Eat?

    I never see pods on my glass, but a light in the fuge has stuff crawling all over the place, and also the bottom of my overflow corner boxes is teaming with stuff. If using the tigger pods from reefnutrition make sure you let the bottle come to room temperature before adding. Also, like others...
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    3 red anemones

    Bucket boy is making me angry. I can let it slide, at least I know you know how to speel amenome.
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    3 red anemones

    Soooo glad Mike and others actually type out Anemones instead of 'nem.
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    Need tech help connecting Apex

    hard wire first. forget about wifi until you set it up with patch cables.
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    Need tech help connecting Apex

    is it possible to run a temporary cat5 wire from router to apex? Get it going hardwired, then work on the wireless. Oh wait now I read you tried the cat5 cable.....I would suggest to keep trying with the hardwire before going wireless. My first apex I got working with hardwire, but had to use...
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    9/18/22 (Sun) Open Regional Frag Swap at Cali Kid Corals in Concord

    Might have some rain, hopefully not or very little.
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    What are you looking out for @ CFM?!

    If I go, I'm looking out for not getting a frigging headache from all the damn blue lights.... But that probably will happen no matter what.
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    Coral reefer’s 360 gal system. 225 display and frag tanks

    LOL, i think it was you that called my buddy Joel (Finaddict) a bucket boy also a while back at a frag swap... I foresee a return to the hobby for you in the future. Being a "bucket boy" you have sooooo many contacts. You *WILL* bring home a client's tank that throws in the towel, or perhaps...
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    EB832 took a poop

    Not sure what exactly happened, but does it really matter; what's done is done! EB832 not switching on/off. Indicator lights work, but no output on plugs. Simple search found a fix and YouTube video about replacement of a 12v power supply....that's all fine and dandy but AliExpress shipping...
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    Honeymoon Reef - Fiji 2022

    Didn't work for me either....
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    Back in hobby after away for 15+ years

    I think Bay Bridge Aquarium QT's also....
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    Need help with DIY solar generator

    What voltage and battery types are we dealing with? I assume your solar is 12VDC. And battery 12v also? What type of battery chemistry? LED lights won't draw much power consumption. Run a stronger load like a 100w light bulb for starters. Turn on a timer and see how long it stays lit while...
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    There was a fire...

    Wow sorry to read this.... I wonder if a GFCI receptacle or breaker would have prevented this.... but possibly not unless the sump and tank water were also grounded. I am an electrician, but I don't (and probably SHOULD) be using GFCI protection on everything in and around the tank.... but I am...