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  1. wpeterson

    TGunn's 90g Reef

    I would consider two A350/A360s on that tank. When I ran it, I had 3x A350s on it because of the 26" depth. Maybe overkill, but I'd consider two a minimum for SPS.
  2. wpeterson

    Advice on an urchin

    I would avoid any of the long spine urchins, not necessarily reef safe and a nasty thing to bump into if you have your hand in the tank. Something safe like a tuxedo urchin is the best bet for a reef tank for 99% of hobbyists. Strangely, I found we had a lot of coraline when we've had tuxedo...
  3. wpeterson

    40g ADA move and upgrade

    I've been through this a couple of times. Overall, this is a great overflow though being rear/external can be a pain to plumb (more corners to round over a short run). I had no leaks the first time I plumbed this overflow, but I replaced the bulkheads when we moved our tank and the new ones...
  4. wpeterson

    Our DSA Neo 105 Build

    Congrats to you and @Ashalye on the imminent arrival! I'm also jealous of this tank in a big way - the DSA 105 is a great size/layout and they're out of business now. This sump design looks very cool and the quality of work here is impressive. Keep the thread updated, I'm excited to see how...
  5. wpeterson

    40g ADA move and upgrade

    Looking good! I think you'll love that Eshopps overflow. I did a 40breeder build here with the same overflow. I hope the flex tubing works out well for you. I recently re-plumbed my tank during a move to remove the flexible tubing and used hard-PVC for everything. I had to swap my gate...
  6. wpeterson

    TGunn's 90g Reef

    I'm so glad to hear you've got this tank and with water in it! It was such a joy for us and I hope it will be even better for you. Looking forward to seeing all the pictures and things happening.
  7. wpeterson

    What are you guys buying during black Friday

    One of my used Kessil A350s died suddenly a few days ago, so I just bought 2x A360WEs from Aquacave on their Doorbusters (10% off MAP)
  8. wpeterson

    Jebao DCT-6000 failed

    I had a failed DC-9000 within 3 months of ownership. The replacement DC-9000 hasn't ever had a problem. I switched to a DCS-12000 over a year ago and also haven't had an issue in either our CA tank or MA tank it ended up in. Agreed you should always prepare for return pump failure, but not...
  9. wpeterson

    Great alternative to just a chaeto ball

    This seems like a neat way to make it easier to grow chaeto in a small space and the make it easier to trim/maintain. I see dramatic (doubling in volume each month or so) growth just lighting chaeto in our refugium. Folks who don't see chaeto growth aren't providing enough light/flow, I'm not...
  10. wpeterson

    bondolo's defunct tanks

    I'd argue for a cheap, full spectrum CFL grow light. I used these in our 90gal for several years and grew a lot of chaetomorpha and coraline: ... though right now I'm using an old Kessil A350N on the sump in our new tank, since I haven't been able...
  11. wpeterson

    Water questions

    I'd definitely recommend mixing your own salt water over buying it at the store, it's heavy and a hassle to purchase and take home. If you have the funds, an RO/DI unit is always a good idea, but depending on the TDS readings and chemicals in your local water it may not be required - you should...
  12. wpeterson

    Best Way To Remove a little Aiptasia?

    I've had limited success with kalk/putty covering if you recognize hitch-hikers on a frag or right when they arrive. I've had good luck with peppermint shrimp, though they eventually seem to prefer eating my LPS or Acans over pests.
  13. wpeterson

    My next skimmer needs to come apart...

    You notice little things like that when you have something for a while. I've liked our new Bubble Magus Curve 5 better than the Reef Octopus 150SSS which we had before for a few reasons, but easier opening/cleaning of the skimmer body is one of them. The Reef Octopus had long plastic screws...
  14. wpeterson

    Captive bred mandarins

    We ended up with a pair of the ORA mandarins in our new tank, though they don't sell them anymore. The ORA folks brought a variety of fish to a show out here and left many of them with one of our LFS in exchange for a borrowed show tank and some gear. We ended up with an ORA Yellow Assessor...
  15. wpeterson

    What's the new latest and greatest skimmer nowadays?

    I'd echo what everyone else has said skimmer technology not changing much - so the real value adds are pump quality (reliability/tunability/efficiency), noise levels, and ease of maintenance/cleaning. I had the Reef Octopus 150-SSS @Vhuang168 mentioned (did you buy my old one?) and was very...
  16. wpeterson

    You know you've been spending too much time reefing when...

    All of my nightmares involved cracked display tanks, floods, or fish in need of rescues for many years. Not that those things ever happened, but those were my reef stress dreams.
  17. wpeterson

    DC powered return pumps

    I've been running as Jebao DCS-12000 for over a year or so now without any problems (though it's way oversized for our current 40breeder). I first bought a Jebao DC-9000 (first gen before DCT and then DCS models) and had pumps seize up once or twice and a power supply die. If you want to spend...
  18. wpeterson

    How to Grow Montis Like This?

    Thanks for taking some of those Montipora, they had nice colors and do grow pretty quickly. I regretted mounting them in mid/high locations where they grew out and shaded lower corals/LPS and even grew over/into the acropora on the higher levels of our reef. If I were to do it over, I would...
  19. wpeterson

    Questions about how to orient your sump/fuge

    I grappled with the idealized flow rates and filtered vs unfiltered flow for a sump/refugium with our 90gal tank and current tank, but you're probably over thinking it. Your refugium will probably do just fine if it's after filter socks and a skimmer. Secondly, having lower flow in a refugium...
  20. wpeterson

    Mass, post frag swap aclimation - my way ... what's yours?

    If you've got too many frags to acclimate individually, you might want to measure the salinity across all your samples and acclimate the ones with similar salinity together. The main thing to avoid is salinity shock from systems if they run a dramatically different salinity than yours.