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    Cutting stem off frag plugs

    Alright... Im pissed... I just broke my nicely encrusted and nearly double in size frag of PC Rainbow in half trying to cut the stem off the frag plug to put in my display... This happens the majority of the time I try to cut the plugs. :mad: Short of a Bandsaw, is there a better way? I use...
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    Rock cleaner

    Just wanted to share a little tool I use. I got a micro vaccuum attachment kit, like this and attached it to a longer tube. I use the brush attachments on it to "sweep" my rockwork from time to time. It allows you to stir up detritus on the rocks and instantly siphon the majority of it out...
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    Coral ID

    Anyone know what species this is?
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    Anyone know what these are?

    Found while dipping euphyllia. Have a hard shell. Possibly some sort of clam or crab? They didn't open up, but did wiggle little leg looking things... This is under magnification, they are tiny, probably slightly bigger than a grain of sand.
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    29G tank

    Standard 29gallon tank. 30Lx12Wx18H. It's wiped down but a little dirty. Held water when last used (~January) let me know if you want it and I'll put it outside for you.
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    Super Glue Gel

    Not sure if this is the best place to share this or not, but just wanted to say that the super glue gel from Harbor Freight is surprisingly the best stuff I have found for gluing frags. You can get a 10 pack of 3 gram tubes for under $4, and somehow the nozzles on them seem to stay unclogged...
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    Worm ID?

    Alright, this is a Longshot as the pic is pretty bad and this is the best I can get.... Can anyone identify these tiny little red worms? This pic is through a 30x magnifier. They are smaller than copepods, and move pretty quickly and irratically. I assume they are some kind of detrivoir as I...
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    Local Norwesco tank dealer?

    Im looking to get a couple Norwesco 45g vertical water tanks for RODI and mixed saltwater storage, but the places I found online wanted about $600 for shipping 2 small plastic tanks... I was curious if anyone knows a local supplier (I checked their website and nothing local was listed.) Tractor...
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    Can anyone identify the coral types from these skeletons?

    So, years ago I got each of these as little frags, and grew them out, and subsequently lost them. I really liked them and would like to try to figure out what they were and start again. So I guess I'm looking for identification, and to see if anyone has any frags available. I want to say I got...
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    Meshmez's 150

    My 150 has been back up and running for probably about 5 months now after being packed away for a year and a half for a remodel. My fish and corals were broken up into smaller tanks and kept at my parents house during that time, which was really great fun.... Trucking water over for topoff and...
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    Blue/yellow Yuma

    I have this Yuma that I have had for quite a while. The picture is the mother, it's about 3-4" diameter. I have four 1/2"-1" babies I would be willing to put in to start a chain if people are interested. Edit: Since there is definite interest, I will start the chain. Ill keep it simple with...
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    New (kinda) member

    Hi all! I have been a guest member here for a few years but not really done much. Decided to becoming a supporting member and looking forward to being a more active participant in this community. I have had reef thanks for around 10 years now. I recently restarted my 150gal tank. House was...