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  1. Alexx

    Pandora Zoa

    Hi, I have I think Pandora Zoanthids for somebody that might want some. They look really nice on blue light. I am located close to SF State in San Francisco. Check picture. The frags are smaller.
  2. Alexx

    Free Gorgonia frags

    Hi, I have some free Gorgonia for somebody that might want some. I am located close to SF State in San Francisco. Check picture. The frags are smaller
  3. Alexx

    Red Mushroom

    Hi, I have some free Red Mushroom for somebody that might want some. I am located close to SF State in San Francisco. Check pictures.
  4. Alexx

    Neon Green Mushroom

    Hi, I have some free Neon Green Mushroom for somebody that might want them. I am located close to SF State in San Francisco. THe mushroom rock is not to give away is just to show how they look on a rock. Check pictures.
  5. Alexx

    Skimmer pump needed for Skimz Mini SN123. The pump model is: VSC1200-DC

    Hi, I have an issue with my skimmer Skimz Mini SN123. The pump model is: VSC1200-DC The skimmer looks like this: Not sure if the pump will work with the ones bellow...
  6. Alexx

    Marineland LED Light 48"

    I have this Marineland 48" LED light that I used in the past but I don't need it anymore. I received this from @xcaret This is for supporting members. I am located in San Francisco close to SF State see pictures for details.
  7. Alexx

    Quarantine cube setup 18" with skimmer and heater

    I have this quarantine setup that can be used: 1 cube in a good shape I believe is 18 x 18 x 17 with a black wall - it is clean 1 Hang on a back skimmer - kinda dusted not sure if it works cuz I did no used it. 1 Heater - not sure if is fully functional you will have to test it. When I used it...
  8. Alexx

    75 Gallon Fish Tank Water Flow - Wave Maker Question

    I've keep thinking that my flow in my 75 gallon tank is to stagnant and not sure if the Zoas might not like since the flow is kinda continuous and not a lot of pulse in it and I am trying to find a solution for my tank. Here is a video with the wavemaker, return pump and I kinda explain better...
  9. Alexx

    I want to buy a Six Line Wrasse quarantine question

    I really want to have a six line wrasse in my system, but not sure what to do. Currently I have a 10galon tank with a large live rock and some plastic tubing and I wanted to know if I can quarantine the fish over there or the tank is to small. Any special needs that this fish might need like...
  10. Alexx

    I got a pair of Lemon Drop Gobby that dose not want to eate

    Hi, I have no idea how to make my fish to eat. I try everything that I know I have frozen cyclopod, frozen mysis and shrimp Jumbo kirill, New life spectrum pallets, 3 types of flakes, live brine shrimp, and they don't want to eat them. I even drop the food with a turkey baster in front...
  11. Alexx

    Issue with Mantipora Setosa

    Hi, What do you guys think that I can do with this mantipora. I really want to get it back in full shape. It was alright for like 2 weeks after the frag swap and then it strted to be worst and worst. I used to have the coral in medium height but the flow was not really that strong over there...
  12. Alexx

    Green torch question

    I have a quick question, do you guy's know what is happening with my green tourch coral. In the daytime is happy and From what I've been observing, the torch is having from 1 head, is splitting in 4 heads, but I am not sure what is the big thing in the middle. Is this thing normal? I took the...
  13. Alexx

    Corral Feeding Producsts/Schedule?

    Hello everyone :), I started this thread because I think it would be nice to know what other ppl are feeding on their reef and how often. I've been following some of your tank journals but I wanted to see if is possible to aggregate a new coral feeding schedule and what products are you guy's...
  14. Alexx

    Who has some unwanted Xenia?

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody has a little Xenia that they don't need. :)
  15. Alexx

    My 75G Tank

    Here are some images with my saltwater tank. I bought the tank from somebody on craigslist on September 2018. Equipment: - 75 G tank - 3 power heads - Jabeo adjustable pump - Skimz Skimmer - 30 G sump with bio balls, rock and chaeto algae - 2 LED lights Fish - 1 blue tang - 1 yellow tang - 2...
  16. Alexx

    Yellow Tang Question

    Hi, I have a question for everybody that has or had Yellow Tangs. I see that my yellow tang has some bubble (or marks not sure how to call them) on the head area around the eyes and on the face. It has that on both sides. Is that alright or I have to do something to heal him. He is not...
  17. Alexx

    Yellow Tang is Sick Not Sure what happened, He is breathing heavily.

    I recently saw that my yellow tang is not feeling well. Also from time to time I had some chaeto algae that was going from the refugium on my main display. Not sure if he eate that and he can't digest it or what might have been wrong. I see where he is pooping it has something. Is like a...
  18. Alexx

    Looking to buy 7 fishes I need some advice :)

    Hi, I am kinda hesitant about getting new fishes but I want to have more fishes in my tank. I wanted to see what you guy's think. I want to buy some fisshes from and I was thinking to buy the following: 2 SW - Bicolor Blenny (Sri Lanka) - Medium (I hope I will get a pair) - do...
  19. Alexx

    What is the name of this coral

    Hi guys I wanted to know what is the name of the coral? I really like it.
  20. Alexx

    My 75 Gallons Tank Has Some Fishes In

    Check out the beginning of my reef tank. So far I got a few fishes. Working on getting some corals in after quarantine. So far I had 9 fishes that died on me because, I got 4 of them from 6th avenue aquarium.... that ware sick. And I had all the fishes on a quarantine tank. I used medication...