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  1. rdriggett


    I run all jebaos. 2022 purple gen with wifi + lcd controller are great. I recently upgraded to the 2023 blue wifi + lcd gen and theyre even better. I would avoid the pre 2022 purple generations.
  2. rdriggett

    Ryan’s 40G first reef

    Everything is still coming along fairly well with my tank. My exquisite firefish that I've had for a while unfortunately passed and my aptasia eating filefish continues to not eat aptasia. I ordered an orange tail spot blenny and a helfrichi firefish from Ed and I think I'm going to re-home my...
  3. rdriggett

    Next Tank Options

    8 x 3 x 2.5 ft tank all the way!
  4. rdriggett

    Hitchhikers, good or bad? Need help to ID.

    Acro crabs are so cool and hard to get. Nice find!
  5. rdriggett

    HELP!!! Volunteers needed CFM 05/06 ( 1 hour time slots and free entry)

    @Srt4eric sign me up for 1-2pm please!
  6. rdriggett

    Live phyto

    I get concentrated live phyto once a month from from Coral Hub shipped from Sacramento. I've been overdosing phytoplankton (1/2 dropper per 40gal) for a while without a nutrient spike or unwanted results. I mostly use phyto with a 1/2 gal monthly restock of pods to feed my pod only fish.
  7. rdriggett

    Ryan’s 40G first reef

    Thanks all for the suggestions! I will bleach and dry my rocks if todays purchase doesn't work. I picked up a filefish for aptasia and an orange spot shrimp goby for my tiger pistol shrimp. Goby and shrimp instantly paired so I'm just waiting on my aptasia eating filefish to do as its name...
  8. rdriggett

    Ryan’s 40G first reef

    Welp, tap water soaks didnt kill a single aptasia on my rock work. How do they survive no salinity and chloramines LOL? Some good news: my dinos have gone away and so has most of my hair algae after adding a handful of additional snails. All I do is check alk once a month and change 20G out of...
  9. rdriggett

    Lighting a 40-breeder Mixed Reef

    I use 2x Noopsyche K7 Pro 3 on my 40 breeder with the long side of the lights parallel to the short side of the tank. I find I have minimal shadowing and plenty of PAR @ 50% running power. If I had unlimited budget then I would use 2x XR30s in the same config for more even spread.
  10. rdriggett

    Ryan's Waterbox 25 nano build

    It’s wet and cycling! I have to go pick up rocks today and I think I’ll swap the sand to caribsea special grade (I tried using leftover freshwater sand but it’s got an ugly yellow tint to it). I’m using sand, water and snail shells to cycle it from my established tank. I forgot to cook some...
  11. rdriggett

    CLOSED!!!!!! Half priced ($4) CFM tickets!!! 05/06/23

    You already know I’ll be there! 2 tickets please.
  12. rdriggett

    Ryan’s 40G first reef

    I dipped half my rocks in tap them RO water to kill algae and aptasia. The other half is still not looking good. Today I moved my flow pumps from the back wall to the filter wall and bumped up flow to 60%. Im hoping for less detritus and a higher ph.
  13. rdriggett

    Ryan's Waterbox 25 nano build

    Hi all! My two clownfish are now starting to fight because they both ended up being females which has forced me to get a second tank. I haven't decided where to put it yet but everything is in the mail. I still need to decide on a DIY or custom aquascape. Equipment: Catagory Name Tank...
  14. rdriggett

    BAR T-Shirts & Hoodies Pre-Order (Pick Up @CFM 5/6)

    I would like to pre-order. Style: Premium Unisex Tee Color: Black Size: XL Quantity: 1 Style: Pullover hoodie Color: Grey Size: XL Quantity: 1
  15. rdriggett

    Maria’s Nano - Photo Journal

    I'm so happy to see you on BAR!
  16. rdriggett

    Question on Vortech power backup

    Ecoflow makes great stuff! I plan to go DIY but it's a great off the shelf option.
  17. rdriggett

    3/25/2023 BAR Frag Swap

    It has begun!
  18. rdriggett

    Crazy winds- Backup power check

    I love mine! It's saved my tanks from several power outages so far
  19. rdriggett

    Crazy winds- Backup power check

    Looks like I'm going to be running my generator for about 3.5 days if PG&E's ETA is correct. House temp is plummeting but I dont know how to back feed my furnace.
  20. rdriggett

    Crazy winds- Backup power check

    PGE ETA for my area is Friday early AM. I’m calling generac, this is so inconvenient.